3 Powerful Steps to Monetizing Your Website

3 Powerful Steps to Monetizing Your Website

In this video, I share the three things that businesses must do on every page of their website in order for that website that bring money into your business.

1. Branding (Personal, Product and Business)
2. Email List Capture Offer (Ideal Client Access)
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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18 Responses to 3 Powerful Steps to Monetizing Your Website

  1. Stephen Staples says:

    Hi Monica,

    Thanks for your informative, succinct message. I first saw it on wikiHow but there was no way to sign up. When I tracked you down on youtube and clicked the link from monetize template it was password protected. Are you still in business?

  2. Adxn Media Share says:

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  3. Cypher Records says:

    Very well spoken.

  4. mrbrownalways says:

    This woman is so creepy…..she could be in a horror film as the "bad guy"

  5. Patch-NRJ says:

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  6. Tracy Lamourie says:

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  7. Al Amin says:

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  10. MAINLI HOPSON says:

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  11. Hamp khat says:

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  14. prabin bajracharya says:

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  15. Only Way Is Linux says:

    Yeah… collecting email addresses.. maybe 8 odd years ago this was valuable.. but today it is completely useless and users rarely ever hand out their main email addresses.. Users are savvy now and have email accounts which are specifically for "junk" or to sign up to things with.. They never look in these accounts other than to respond to a verification email so they can access whatever they signed up to.

  16. BlkJ19 says:

    email oped in are a dying trend, people now know that when they provide you with their email it is sold to spammers. The only real tips she provides in this video is the SEO

  17. TheMuffinRises says:

    You look like Heather Graham 😉

  18. politics4456 says:

    thanks for the help…i still having problems the monetize button not showing up, but my account is approved….I dont know what to do but to wait and hope google let my vids have ads at some point….