Advanced Facebook Marketing. How we get traffic, leads and sales.

+Chris Smith and +Jimmy Mackin are advanced Facebook marketers.

They’ve generated 1 million+ page views, 100,000+ leads and 1,000’s of sales (worth millions of dollars) using Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Power Editor, Facebook Boosted Posts, Facebook Messages, Facebook Retargeting, Facebook Insights, Facebook Events, Facebook Dark Posts and Facebook Profiles. 

They currently manage nearly million a year in Facebook Ads for themselves and their real estate customers at Curaytor. 

During this live event they will walk you through Advanced Facebook Marketing techniques and case studies that you can put to use immediately!

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Watch the replay of this popular Facebook marketing webinar from Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert. Held on June 4th, 2013 with 13,000+ people registered from around the world! Plus, brand NEW Facebook training course just announced: – starts June 18th, 2013. Come check it out!
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39 Responses to Advanced Facebook Marketing. How we get traffic, leads and sales.

  1. Jennifer Pham says:

    hi, get real people, more sales with social lead freak ? only $70 for 1 pc

  2. Chris Smith says:

    We have a winner! The Advanced YouTube Marketing class got the most votes and is now scheduled to take place:


    Thanks guys great info. i was one person that thought facebook was so lame all these years. Now i see its where the world is now and you have to be there just to even fit in,

  4. Pan says:

    Very helpful – thanks guys!

  5. Brendan Mace says:

    I've seen a few people trying this!

  6. Jamal Bee says:

    Fallowing expert, that's great advice.

  7. Anne Rossley says:

    Advanced email marketing

  8. Wentworth Sam says:

    Advanced Youtube Marketing please. You guys are the truth!

  9. Mario Acosta - Real Estate Team says:

    Great show.  Advanced YouTube marketing.

  10. Bill Faulkner says:

    Chris and Jimmy, great show- you crushed it! Second time I watched it. YouTube marketing please.

  11. Best Deals says:

    This is a game changer people

  12. Elisabeth Bobeck (Liz) says:

    Great show Chris, even a few days after. One free FB tip from Jack to all. When you boost a post, all the people who click on liking the post, INVITE them to your page. Once invited, they LIKE your page, then they receive your feed. Best way to spend 20 bucks a week, or 500 bucks a year, and add people to your page.

  13. Craig Mesure says:

    Every Lead is a Facebook lead. 

  14. Craig Mesure says:

    Every Lead is a Facebook lead. 

  15. Travis Mack says:

    This was remarkable! YouTube marketing PLEASE!

  16. says:

    Youtube – bring it.

  17. Heidi Laros says:

    I really want to see the Facebook Ads content.  I have to learn ASAP!

  18. The Keen Team says:

    Advanced Email Marketing.

  19. michelewood11 says:

    Advanced YouTube Marketing Please!

  20. Brandon Duncan says:

    Loved the show tonight! I am voting for advanced email marketing! Something at the bare minimum every agent should be doing.

  21. John Moreno says:

    theres a way to drink water without gulping like that. annoying af

  22. faith allen says:

    Nice steps and the best steps I ever took in my iGrow network media business, you can join me for free and make cool cash @

  23. Yuzukhane says:

    what a soccer mom!

  24. Luiz antonio de Freitas Freitas says:

    É bém ilustrativo,mas teria quer ser em portugues !!!!!!!!

  25. Gaby Vasquez says:

    I m very happy to join your webinar i will like to have one of your books , Thank you

  26. Michael D Washington says:

    hey there, just wanted to stop by to ask you, are you familiar with network marketing?

    -Michael D Washington

  27. Musik Dealer says:


  28. Rene Ng says:

    Thx mari. Great video

  29. Jonathan Lee says:

    A lot of great information here. 

  30. Peristilo peris says:

    Learning a lot from you! Thanks, Mari!

  31. Cadex2010 says:

    Wow.  Lots of great information.  Thanks Mari Smith!

  32. Daniel Newton says:

    Really works great click to see.

  33. Salma Ruby says:
  34. SWA Ultimate says:

    7 Steps to Facebook Success – Free Facebook Training with Mari Smith:

  35. Adam Chester says:

    why does this fucking interview feel like a 1990s show what the fuck creepy as fucking shit

  36. Allan Berger says:

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  37. Everett Miller says:

    watch and learn good video

  38. C.A.Jones New World Marketing says:

    You can learn alot so watch