AMAZON 101: START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS TODAY | WORK FROM HOME This video will discuss the many benefits of using Fulfilled by Amazon as a seller. There is no better time than now to …
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  1. paraglidingnut26 says:

    Thank you Global Voodoo. Please keep making inspirational and informative

  2. Bobby Stelly says:

    Sorry Mike according to Business Insider in this article it says that
    Amazon has confirmed they have like 20 million confirmed Prime members… this is as Jan

  3. rdloco says:

    Man i dont really know if u doing these videos for your benefit might be!
    But boy am i glad i found your page! Real good tips ! Thanks! I always
    saying if u know a trick to make tones of moneys will you give it away? Of
    Curse not! Thats why i dont follow people that say “ILL tell you how to get
    millionaire ” not trust! But like u said amazon its so big that even if
    400,000 new sellers join tomorrow you still make your sale! Thats not given
    your trick of making money its just telling people come on board! Trust
    words!! You deserved my thumb up!! I ll start my amazon experience i being
    a prime buyer for years but ill love to start selling!! Thanks!

  4. Junon Phenelus says:
  5. jim accardi says:

    umm dont you have to pack it up to send to fba and add stickers and cover
    up the upc anyways ? Then pay to freight or ship things to the warehouse ?
    Seems like not much of a savings of cash or time

  6. Picking Profits says:

    Very well said. It’s the truth. You can do extremely well on Ebay but with
    Amazon FBA it is so much easier to “hire” helpers. I have been selling
    about 1,000 items a month now through FBA and I could not imagine how much
    time that would take to do myself! Life is good. When there is a money
    train this good, you better get on that train and ride out that train while
    the going is good.

  7. shanika washington says:

    My family and myself are amazon addicts for the most part we ONLY purchase
    from prime. Anytime we order none prime it takes to long to get the order
    so yeah just some insight of a buyer. 

  8. commando602 says:

    I bought something Prime and it arrived via a mini helicopter in just 29
    minutes with a big Amazon and NSA logo on it. 

  9. C Money says:

    If you are not doing Amazon FBA you are missing a KEY piece in the hustling
    trifecta! Dropping more knowledge Mike!

  10. thecollegepicker says:

    I bought something the other day from amazon prime and it came to my
    backyard in 45 mins from a helicopter with a big amazon logo on it.
    Awesome service!

  11. CanadianGuap says:

    I could repeat the last minute over and over ,,,, Thanks for the new
    morning alarm 

  12. Ron Ashtar says:

    Love your videos!!
    Is that dog dead?

  13. JJ Perks says:

    Mike I have a question! Do you have to have multiple of the item that you
    want to sell on FBA? Is it like the ebay drop off store where you send in
    the items and they list them whatever it is and how many there are? Even if
    there is only one. Thanks

  14. globalvoodoo says:
  15. David Smith says:

    How do you determine what sells. It does not seem you can check sold items
    like on ebay. 

  16. Sister Picker says:

    nicely said with a cherry on top

  17. Carla E. says:

    Thanks to your previous videos, I was motivated to send in 3 boxes to
    Amazon earlier this week. Not only is this stuff going to be sold but i was
    able to free up a lot of space in my storage room. I’m excited about the

  18. MrSaddie123 says:

    Put me in coach im ready!!!

  19. 411AboutThings says:

    GV could you make a video on how to create bundles and multipacks theres
    not and videos out there about this topic 

  20. eduardo puentes says:

    thanks great video just what i need. im selling on ebay but was wondering
    about amazon. just one thing you didnt metion and i talk to resale rookie
    about this (thanks) what or scanner do you used to check prices at amazon
    and the whole ranking thing but thanks

  21. letitburnification says:

    Sounds good until you learn that Amazon takes at minimum 15% of every sale
    right off the top, so you better be operating at some killer margins, lol.
    And as if that’s not enough, they then want to nickle and dime you with a
    $0.99 fee for something, plus another $1.35 fee for something else….both
    on TOP of the 15% they’ve already taken.

  22. ItIsNot1984 says:

    nice vid, mike. it looks like you’re losing or getting in shape or
    something. good for you, dude. you’re looking good. I hope you considered
    some of my past comments and started accumulating some crypto coins. The
    stuff is on fire. It is the future, and make no doubt about it. Ebay
    recently made crypto currency a category. has even announced
    that they will accept bitcoins sometime mid 2014. This is the year for
    crypto. Put a $100 into something, anything! 4 years ago, the first bitcoin
    purchase was somebody spending 10,000 coins on a pizza!!! Today, 10,000
    bitcoins is worth about 7.5 million dollars! no shit! I think I told you
    before that I like feathercoin. I think it is undervalued, but you really
    can’t miss. Pick one and invest. Take care, and good luck with amazon.

  23. Nadir Ahmed says:

    are you insane? Let me tell awesome stuff search for PanxCash

  24. Picking Mad Props says:

    I’m going to share this with my mom. She’s skittish about amazon but she
    would kill it on there! Thanks for this vid Mike!