AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING is easy once it is set up. All you need is a website. see to get a website. Learn how to use amazon widgets or an amazon astore. In this video you will see

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  1. dionf12000 says:

    Thanks so much for putting this video out.

  2. A Singh says:

    Thank you for posting this is really excellent…

  3. Mercedez Paige says:

    LOVE your taste in music <3 The video was very helpful, thank you!

  4. Glen Dahilan says:


  5. Glen Dahilan says:

    valuable info ;)

  6. Dan Sacapano says:

    Hey Max, great presentation and extremely informative. Questions:
    1-  How do you generate traffic to both your site and the store?
    2-  Where exactly did you paste that iframe code you illustrated later in the video (approx 15:30 into video) in  order to embed your store into your website?
    3- Would I put the code inside my homepage here you think?

    This video is a 'Keeper'. Thanks,

  7. Gerald Kyle says:

    Thanks Max. I will work on this.

  8. Gerald Kyle says:

    Thanks Max. This will get me moving on my store. I will need to listen several times as I am a slow learner–as we all are. Jerry

  9. Roman Maksimenko says:

    guys, not sure if that's the place, sorry if not 🙂
    But I have a great product on amazon, with some very high conversion rates, I'm looking for experienced amazon affiliates to promote my product. Is there someone here that would like to do that?

    contact me at or find me on facebook –

  10. Brendan Mace says:

    Great video dude, you rock!

  11. Gerald Kyle says:

    Gee, Max! This will save me many hours of learning. I am looking forward to really learning how to improve my site. I have lots of things to teach people about healthy living. Thanks.Jerry

  12. Maximus McCullough says: