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In this video I go through the house flipping formula that I go through to build in profit for me and the investor that I am going to wholesale the deal to. If you are a beginner in real estate investing and want to start flipping houses for profit and need to know how to run the numbers on your deals you came across the right video.

In less than 10 minutes you will be up and running numbers on properties that you can flip. Save yourself time and agony of trying to figure the house flipping business out and watch this video for the clear cut formula of how to run the numbers.

I will also show you in this video what to offer when you have your maximum allowable offer. Ever wondered where you should start the negotiation? How much should you “low ball” the seller? In this video I’ll teach you what things to take into consideration.

If there was a class house flipping 101 this would be one concept that you would need to master.

Here are the basic rules covered in this training video:

1. What Information You Need to Make Offers on Real Estate
2. Even If You Don’t Have Experience Rehabbing Property Know How To Get The Rehab.
3. How To Start The Negotiation Depending on The Property Situation.

Don’t forget to watch the video to find out more about these rules and how to profit flipping houses.

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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. F Liu says:

    uhaaa focking awesome video. I spent 3x what you lose in real estate educations, in learning and going to 3 Day seminars back in 2003 when Ron Le Grand was teaching the Pretty House and Ugly House Boot Camps. You either have to Lose Money in real estate to learn or Pay Money to learn, there is no way around it.

  2. oliver geddes says:

    damn nigga

  3. steeezUrkle says:

    Thanks for the advice

  4. muklucks says:


  5. R.B. Roberts says:

    Hi Nasar!

    Nasar? Maybe I don't do real estate from a profit-perspective, but I really admire and respect your tenacity, your continued progress (against all odds), and your future in your realm of real estate. Please, keep it going. In a way, you remind me of Don King (personality-wise). Don't like to wish big money on people (because of the potential trappings), but that's where you're headed…. … in time. Keep it tight.
    But, please, allow me to leave you with this pressing question:

    "Whoooo let the dogs out?/ Who/-who/-who-who-who?!" "Whoooo let the dogs out?! ….."

    From Kasey Kasem from me to you! "Keep reaching for the starrrrrs!"

  6. lockhamj says:

    good advice

  7. scottybroker says:

    He did get EXPERIENCE. This Brother has integrity.

  8. tcampbell2186 says:

    See, this is awesome. Real specifics on how to do this and what the pitfalls are. This guy could write a book. I've seen hundreds of videos and they say NOTHING. Thank you so much for REAL information. These other cats talking in circles just to sell a book or get views.

  9. Gwendolen McCloud says:

    Thank you so much for making this video!! You're AWESOME!!

  10. Bombs Away says:

    great advise man

  11. Lorenzo Morgan Jr. says:

    Good-day (and many positive vibes and blessings going out). The information within this particular video was very insightful due to some the problems that can occur when house-flipping. In regard to some of the mentioned (encountered) problems, I am thoroughly studying CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) and tax deed sales and other things (if that can be helpful to someone that may view this video with some added helpful insights into avoiding potential problems) because of the knowledge needed to understand the (different) appraisal processes utilized for real estate properties. Plus, being an "one-man-team" much of my current learning is going to the preparation stage; so that, I could possibly reduce problems. Superb video (and once again, many positive vibes and blessings going out).

  12. Gregory Pitt says:

    I'm just trying to gain the knowledge , I live in Atlanta and just starting out in the Real Estate system . you having a email address maybe we could start something in the Atl area in the near future

  13. phillco82 says:

    Hi bro. I just decided to get into real estate trading. Im hoping to purchase my first this year. Are you still giving away eBooks???

  14. trimedia says:

    a realtor taking both seller and buyer commission? is that legal or possible?

  15. Jay Barbier says:

    great info, big on you to keep going

  16. Rick Caponero says:

    It sucks to take a loss like that..  but you bounced back.. and gained knowledge. At least you know you won't make those mistakes over. Thanks for sharing..  as we all appreciate your help.

  17. Julius Patterson says:

    Good info but your audio is tough to hear

  18. Beverly Carcamo says:

    Thanks great information

  19. Will Roberson says:

    u lookin back likeu lookin for a hood rat shoota or sum shit yo

  20. jack godinho says:

    Good advice, sorry you had to learn the hard way. I know your on the way to success, you a good man! Take care

  21. Tong Tan says:

    Don't you need to know the equity on the property as well? How do you figure that into your formula?What if the seller still owes $70k in your example?

  22. Vantwun Addy says:

    Didn't equate the price of property in the evaluation.