Can I Make Money At Storage Auctions Like On Storage Wars or Auction Hunters?

Can I make money at storage auctions? Can I REALLY make money at storage auctions?? This is a question I get frequently from folks as it relates to attending public storage unit auctions. Everybody is looking for ways to make extra money. But not too many people are sure of how to go about it. Not too many people know what they should do about how to make extra money. And, how to make money with storage auctions is certainly an option although storage auctions are not for everyone.

Storage auction treasure hunting can be a great way on how to generate additional income. They can be but not always are. Can I make money with storage unit actions? Yes you can. With the right training and some experience you can generate income with storage auctions.

Public self storage auctions take place all day long all around the country. But thanks to shows like storage wars and auction hunters, many people have got the idea that money can be made at storage auctions at will. That there is no such thing as a money losing storage unit. There are plenty of money losing storage units to be found at auction but also some nice ones that you can make money on. The bad ones out weight the good ones though by quite a wide margin.

But, to answer the question of can I make money with storage auctions it is absolutely yes. And this video will help you do just that. Also be sure to check my blog –

Can you make money with storage auctions, can you really make money with storage unit auctions
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16 Responses to Can I Make Money At Storage Auctions Like On Storage Wars or Auction Hunters?

  1. NANCY says:

    Hey! you just got my attention when you said "keep your mouth shut" you are so right!!!!

  2. Johnny Belsome says:

    Your links work but the videos do not 

  3. diogenes flores says:

    Do you need any specific licenses to buy Storage unit in new York city? 

  4. Sharmila Chakraverty says:

    Liked your segment. like to learn how to be able to sell stuff in CL and make a few bucks while everybody is doing it too!!

  5. David tormanen says:

    Dan, i wanna say you have great video's-I just wish they were longer.The area i live in the storage auctions all seem to be on weekdays,which makes it hard to go to as i work during the week.Do you know why they don't have storage auctions on weekends ? P.S. Keep up the great video's


    Units are 60% trash 20% cash 20%hardwork so think about that before you go to an auction

  7. Oldtime Picker says:

    you always make me want to do this, sT

  8. Vigo 894 says:

    True, people like Jarrod and Brandi wouldn't survive long in the business without the producers funneling cash to them.

  9. StorageUnitAuctions says:

    the show is complete bullshit. entertaining yes but nothing close to reality.

  10. StorageUnitAuctions says:

    thank you. it amazes me how much people love to hear themselves talk. i swear nobody else saw that guitar case. it was the last unit of the day and people looked into it they just turned around and walked out…

  11. StorageUnitAuctions says:

    excellent! nice going Matt

  12. StorageUnitAuctions says:

    cool! thanks and will do…

  13. Storm thor says:

    Thanks for info I just subbed check out my channel and sub thanks again

  14. Matthew Crespo says:

    Just wanted to share after watching your videos for a few months I finally went to my first storage auction, got to units $5, and $50 + Tax and 10% Buyer fee.
    So far im +$400 and still so much more to move from this unit remaining!
    Check out my video on it! Thanks

  15. LibraJustice says:

    Great tips as always,Dan! You're right…keep your mouth shut! The less said, the better!

  16. quint150 says:

    If you believe Dave Hester, who was fired from Storage Wars, the producers seeded the units with good stuff for the cast to "discover." Ol Dave even said some of the stuff was provided by the "experts" who would later appraise it. Any thoughts?