Clickbank strategy to get $100 – $500 per day With Clickbank & Twitter

Easy Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Making Money 0 – 0 With Clickbank & Twitter
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20 Responses to Clickbank strategy to get $100 – $500 per day With Clickbank & Twitter

  1. Rusty Johnson says:

    This was a great help thank you very much! I'm new at this crap so anything I can learn will help me earn!

  2. Nino Bonito Veloso says:

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  3. university education says:

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  4. 3 week dieter says:

    is any body here who is really earning through clickbank ? i am struggling for the last 1 year but never had a single sale can somebody guide me please

  5. Janice Blain says:

    I just loaded a bitly link and imediately got 2 clicks!! YOU are awesome! Thank you so much for the information. I will subscribe to your channel.

  6. Fapohunda Olufemi john says:

    Good day bro, i am so excited about this. and i wish you can be my mentor. i have run a web blog and you can see it but i havent been able to make much desipte what is in there. I wish you can connect me on skype: fmbaba01

  7. Noufel Casa says:

    where is $100 – $500 per day clickbank? don't see anything on your video , just ….

  8. Mike Vesterfelt says:

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  9. Marwan Aissa says:

    After how many days will i get the money on clickbank if i continue doing this everyday?

  10. Jean jose says:

    Ingresen en esta pagina esta pagando muy bien,entra y registrate

  11. Taurus BM says:

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  12. DO YOU KNOW ? says:

    hiiiii i am from india
    your video is very helpful thank u for this … i watched many videos but the way you taught is amazing thankssss

  13. nol upgrade says:

    Hi , Brother , i need you to answer me , why i can't search by twitter,? need me to have doman ?

  14. Cutest Animals says:

    I tryed this by following 1300 people and then have a massive following then promote products

  15. ajith singh says:


  16. lance taiwhanga says:

    my question to you as  well sir, how do you get paid when ckick bank dont ask for any bank acc details so that your hard earned money can be deposited into my acc. plz explain this thank you

  17. Mitzi Dowd says:

    This does not work at all!
    Tried multiple times with different search terms….each time I did I could only do one post…when you try to do another post to a different person, you get stopped by twitter and get accused of spamming.
    I even tried with another URL shortener and a different account and I could only post one reply.

  18. maurice ingram says:

    all these years I been with clickbank and you have helped the most…. thanks for the info it really works!!!

  19. Ruth Yoerg says:

    I am trying to promote affiliate products on facebook, twitter and my blog. Send me more videos on how to get lots of traffic.

  20. Patrick Sullivan says:

    You can do it, just get creative!