Daily Business Scope How To Sell Affiliate Products Using Periscope


Daily Business Scope How To Sell Affiliate Products Using Periscope
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19 Responses to Daily Business Scope How To Sell Affiliate Products Using Periscope


    Pretty helpful. Thanks

  2. Alicia Champion says:

    i am new to some of the new social networking so thanks Chris that was helpful

  3. Ama Jenna says:

    Haha you are so expressive i like your points 

  4. Dan Haddock (Dan at TLFN) says:

    Good Video, although is that mac in the background a fake? It has no apple logo on it!

  5. UndeadRanger says:

    Here a cam accessory you might like for your iPhone 6 http://youtu.be/tazcwqfrWxI

  6. TonzaTheOne says:

    Ever heard of Younow? it is livestreaming service for PC, iOS and Android.

  7. Sofia Morgado says:

    I do remember those 24h live streaming days. ?? But ustream is not the same now. ?

  8. J Gipson says:

    thanks for the info! I was confused how periscope differed from all other streaming platforms. I am still a bit of s newbie when it comes to this. 

  9. literally anika says:

    love periscope !!

  10. Jane Jones says:

    Handy tips. I love Periscope and the interaction and community that is slowly building up. So much potential for it too.

  11. Diana Pirillo says:

    Do you use Periscope?

  12. Joe Pirillo says:

    I'll have to look into Periscope. 

  13. Nico Voorberg says:

    Gotta love the old outro, had some good times on the chatroom. Feels like a decade ago though

  14. Lane and Krista - TheFunnyrats says:

    I remember those "live.pirillo.com" days.

  15. ItsTonyAldo says:

    ….still waiting for Periscope on my android….twiddles thumbs

  16. masonbass360 says:

    great video!!

  17. Jamie Cannon says:

    chris what the hell did I just watch ..nice rant!

  18. Tyger says:


  19. Chris Pirillo says:

    Here are some tips & tricks for using the Periscope App! ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?