Follow BrokenGamezHD On Periscope (Mobile Live Streaming App)

Follow BrokenGamezHD On Periscope (Mobile Live Streaming App)

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18 Responses to Follow BrokenGamezHD On Periscope (Mobile Live Streaming App)

  1. Francisco Gomes says:

    This is the next generation of live porn!

  2. DarkrainHD says:

    I wonder if people are gonna use this to stream porn…. Probably…

  3. CJ says:

    This man BG gona livestream himself brushing his TEETH… Lmao

  4. metonymontanas says:

    Bg is gonna make another video of him brushing his teeth with this Kappa 

  5. Built To Rule (BTR) says:

    Goodbye news channels?

  6. TheNerdyResponder says:

    How much are they paying you and Keemstar…

  7. Imhim247 says:

    This doesn't sound good. But at the sometime they're so many live stream apps like that. Nothing new. 

  8. MrKaratekidReborn96 says:

    will try it out BG Nice vid 

  9. Necromancer !!! says:

    So Periscope is only available on Mobile? Lame.

  10. TheCapital-M says:

    which dead space is this?

  11. jfmora1es says:

    what's the difference with Skype?

  12. guide0345 says:

    I'll follow you anywhere sexy.(。♥‿♥。)

  13. Detroit's Reaper says:

    This sounds like the dumbest shit ever lol i also hated twitter and still do honestly

  14. thomas jeff says:

    Meanwhile, the FBI will be looking in on this.

  15. Darius Gary says:

    live sex?

  16. Oblivious334 says:

    Periscope After Dark…Kappa

  17. Ryke says:

    Live stream you making toast

  18. BroKenGaMezHD says:

    Add BrokenGamezHD On Periscope Mobile Live Streaming App