Grant Cardone Admits He was a Dummy

Grant Cardone best-selling author admits he has been a dummy in his life.

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18 Responses to Grant Cardone Admits He was a Dummy

  1. Adam Jago says:

    Uncle G strikes again!

  2. Ed Weeks says:

    Dummy days were so yesterday! #BOBA

  3. Sherwayne “Wilt13” Morrison says:

    what's the first song playing in the background?

  4. Sebek RahSet says:

    lllloooolll yaaahhhh maaann

  5. Cam H says:

    God Bless you, GC.


  6. Ajax Unchained says:

    LOL @ 2:563:05

    Great fucking Video Grant. Thank you for the motivation but its my job to get out there and make shit happen. It's my Duty and Obligation. And i will not be defeated! Only I can Defeat ME. Keep RISING Grant, Peace!

  7. Secret Success Syndicate says:

    C'mon mayne!

  8. Niels Wolf says:

    I think these spontanious videos are fantastic. god bless and be great

  9. jason onajobi says:


  10. Power Forth says:

    Don't be condescending, his name is Bob! lol, in all honesty he is a great training tool

  11. Tyler - Have an Opinion says:

    Is that his daughter? How old is she? And is she really learning chinese or did i unterstand him wrong?

  12. Underground906 says:

    LMAO. What a fucking legend!

  13. Kar Kheng Teh says:

    GC I hope you live forever

  14. Random says:

    now I want to buy a dummy!!!

  15. 3minutes Marketing says:

    waw waw waw, its like you were talking to me when i was 20 years old, i have been this guy "F… Dummy" thanks Uncle G I will share that content with my friends

  16. rewindthatdude says:

    This I an epic video! You have to do more naturally in the moment videos like this! It feels more authentic and inspirational.

  17. Patrik Doboš says:

    I fucking love it!!! Uncle G you the best!

  18. Nest Cube says: