Guide To Buying & Selling Cell Phones Review

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Learn how to drop ship on eBay free Guide & lessons:

INFINii, join my team Learn to Dropshipping step by step:
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20 Responses to Guide To Buying & Selling Cell Phones Review

  1. Thokozile Xaba says:

    Where do you place the ads on CL?

  2. Nick Syiek says:

    Hi, have you ever had trouble buying phones from people that have bad ESN? I'd really appreciate a little feedback on this since I'm afraid of buying a phone that has a linked account, etc. Thanks

  3. Antoinette Williams says:

    im thinking of buying a galaxy s7 edge for tmoble for $300 now any advice

  4. Sher M says:

    can you tell

  5. Sher M says:

    i need used and broken cell phone

  6. dillon Sizemore says:

    Does any one have any suggestions on any wholesale suppliers of recent to new cell phones? Ive tried selling them individually but am not making enough money. Im looking to buy in bulk and sell them on ebay. Thanks!

  7. cplassman2009 says:

    I liked the talk, didn't catch the URL for the free eBook or the video on how to refurbishing these cell phones. Could you please post them and/or clue me in on the 10 videos etc. I have the time (disabled) and have just begun.

  8. Sean Arkeem says:

    lol you not lying brother I laughed this whole video I been eating off this since 2012 haven't had a job since lol

  9. Sean Arkeem says:

    lol you not lying brother I laughed this whole video I been eating off this since 2012 haven't had a job since lol

  10. Subwoofer Suicide says:

    damn learn how to talk or edit a video… this was torture to watch

  11. djblack2324 says:

    What did he say the name of that wholesale website was?

  12. Donald Trump says:

    For example, if the iphone 5s is selling for $200 and I post it for $180, is it most likely gonna sell in a week. Many thanks. And loved the video.

  13. Donald Trump says:

    Bro, is there almost 100% chance that your gonna sell an item on ebay within 2 weeks as long as its just under the average price??

  14. Fabio Green says:

    Where is the link for Cell hoo??

  15. DarwinMendioro says:

    Is it easier to sell phones on Amazon? I used to sell phones on ebay but the fees are not cool though.

  16. Pat Jeroe says:

    Man I been having a hard time talking people down on the phones seems saturated HELP ME LOL

  17. Pat Jeroe says:

    Hey is this info still good

  18. Dillon Sizemore says:

    Hey man, really liked the video! Do you have any suggestions for someone like me who's in college and wants to start gradually building a business on ebay selling iphones? Can you start with one and try and double your money then by two and so on and so on? Or would you have to start with multiple iphones? Thanks in advance!

  19. Car1Sagan says:

    I upvoted this video, but you didn't mention anything about checking ESN and other numbers to be sure they can be reactivated, whether the phone is locked, etc.

  20. Brandon Francis says:

    I was just making sure I was doing good at it there's a site only in Canada Called kijiji and I always double or more on everything game system iPhones nothing but iPhones and I also did it with hockey equipment lol and this is good and I'm 15 that's how I make money so far I've invested 1230 dollars and now in my bank I have 2690 in my bank that's for the help bro