How to apply top eyeliner (Liquid, Pencil and Cream Gel)

I was requested multiple times to do a “how to” video on eyeliner. I know there are a lot of videos already but here is how I do it! All of the eyeliners I used are ELF!

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ELF Kohl Liner:
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Elf Liquid Liner:
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19 Responses to How to apply top eyeliner (Liquid, Pencil and Cream Gel)

  1. PINK MONSTER says:

    This helped me a lot! Thanks!

  2. morgan hiya says:

    Finally best video I seen yet thank you!

  3. DJ GIRL DA JAM says:

    you are so pretty! ???

  4. gigiyas says:

    if one paid more attention to your tutorial as much as your gum chewing, they would learn how to apply their eyeliner correctly. you did a wonderful job . thank you.

  5. Michelle BrownEyes says:

    ur very pretty naturally!!

  6. kiraxoxolove says:

    liquid eyeliner sucks for me though..its a bit harder to apply i prefer the pencil or mineral based eyeliner

  7. kiraxoxolove says:

    thank you!i needed this

  8. ROBERTA Hosey says:

    Thank you. Very simple

  9. April Bernabe says:

    I know this video is old but i need help.
    how do you make it thinner at the inner eye and thicker as you line it outward? i see your line isnt the same thickness throughout. its thinner inside and thick outside. also how do i keep my lid from bunching up as i make the line? :(

  10. butterpecanmami1990 says:

    The way you were chewing that gum lmao

  11. Lydia Holbrook says:

    I have all of those..eyeliner u helped me do a lot better in these thank you 

  12. Makenna Pingry says:

    Also… your very pretty and good at makeup! Your videos are very helpful! Thank you!

  13. Makenna Pingry says:

    Alright… thank you so much!

  14. Breonna Queen Lewis says:

    I'm able to easily apply small lines when I use a pencil. Try elf mineral pencilliner for $3. And just try to line your lash line. Your problem is most likely your placement. You are placing the eyeliner to far up on your lash line which creates a larger line. Also, the tool makes a different. Liquid liners with a pointed end are easier to line small over a liner line with a brush tip.

  15. Makenna Pingry says:

    I try my top liner all the time ive watched a bunch of videos on it and i use all different kinds of eyeliners, i apply it to thick and when i use a different (thin) one, it still applies thick. What should i do?

  16. Ange L. says:

    Great video! Its hard to find eyeliners that have a thin application. Black Radiance Pen Liner is so far is the best one I have used (comes out really thin with the first application, had to do 2 more application to get a thicker line) next to L'Oreal. But I may just try ELF Gel Liner – heard mixed reviews about it.

  17. Sienna Reid says:

    thank you so much! just what i needed! as soon as i saw this i had to click it! thank you!

  18. adenari24 says:

    I really liked the first pencil you used, it looked like it applyed easily !

  19. Jadyn Kennedi says:

    Good thing black don't crack cause you are REALLY tugging that eye lol