How To Create A Facebook Ad In Less Than 3 Minutes

How To Create A Facebook Ad In Less Than 3 Minutes

How To Create A Facebook Ad In Less Than 3 Minutes

Are you tired of social marketing?
Have you spent months uploading videos, blogging, tweeting without making any money?

Perhaps you’ve invested heavily into social marketing but it’s left you tired, frustrated and broke. Facebook advertising is a fast and highly effective method for generating immediate traffic to your website or landing page.

Here’s how to create a Facebook Ad in less than 10 minutes

1. Create your ad

Log in to your Facebook account or visit
Click “Create An Ad”
Select the results you want for your ads (page likes)

2. What kind of results do you want for your ads?

Enter the URL you wish to promote (Facebook Page)

3. Select images

Upload 6 different images. This will generate 6 new ads however it enables you to quickly see which ad (image) performs the best.

4. Edit Text and Links

Create a headline
Enter your ad description
Check “sponsored stories
Under “advanced options” select Newsfeed (for ads to appear in the newsfeed) or select right column if you only want your ads to appear in the right column. Usually I select both.

5. Create your audience

Location (select country)
Age (select age range)
Gender(select all)
Interests (select interest of your target market)
Connections (select “only people not connected to your page)
Interested In(select all)
Relationship Status(select all)
Languages (English)
Education(select anyone)
Work Status(leave blank)
More categories (select a category to reach people with similar interests or traits)

6. Campaign & Budget

Name (give your campaign a name)
Budget (how much you want to spend/day.. is fine)
Schedule (select a start and end date)

7. Bidding & Pricing

You have the option to select page likes, clicks or impressions.
Select “bid for page likes”

You can choose automatic or manual bid pricing.
Select “automatic” to allow Facebook to optimize your bids since this is what they do best.

8. Review order

Click “review order” to check Facebook is displaying your ad correctly. If not, you can easily edit your ad

9. Place Your Order

Select a funding card or paypal. After your ad has been ordered and payment source specified wait for your ad to be approved. You can check the status in your ad manager at:

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