How To Flip Houses For Quick Cash – Cody Sperber Periscope Talk


Learn how to flip houses with little to no money down. Real estate investing expert Cody Sperber teaches new and experienced real estate investors how to wholesale real estate step-by-step.

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In this Periscope chat Cody breaks down the entire quick flip process in detail on his whiteboard.

Systems or links he refers to in the video:


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29 Responses to How To Flip Houses For Quick Cash – Cody Sperber Periscope Talk

  1. locopatre says:

    does this also work in the netherlands?

  2. Porschea Palmer says:

    Hi, what to do in the scenario of the investor B,C comes behind you to the seller to gain info etc. ?

  3. Andre Christmas says:

    I went to spend that 1,497 and I am a little afraid. I tried to get out the box for my marketing but I still need that help. Right now i can't afford for the Mentorship right now but I will try anything to afford this program. To all those commented. What was your biggest deal? Please help. I can be reached at

  4. Brandon Mason says:

    Thank you Cody! Now I have a question, is the M5 Marketing System sold separately from the Fast Track Profit System?

  5. jim morris says:

    Hey Cody I am a complete newbie where do yo0u recommend i start?

  6. dacianey3 says:

    Great informational video, thank you! You just boost me into real estate lightening speed. Now I get it!

  7. New Hope Investors says:

    Cody is the best! Down to earth, simple to follow, passionate about the Real Estate industry. I am on board with his mentoring program (#teamkoko). I would recommend his program to anyone looking for a great mentor! #teamcleverinvestor

  8. john citro says:

    +Cody Sperber is awesome! Very real and simple to follow. has great energy as well! I am onboard with his mentoring program, I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for some 1 on 1 mentoring from real investors in the field! #teamkoko  here! Love #cleverinvestor

  9. Scott Wascher says:

    thankyou so very much @codysperber and #cleverinvestor for all you have been doing for us on Periscope. one quick ask… can you post your previous videos as far as the seller telephone talks and the "in person" seller negotiation talks as well?
    again though… THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart… you are the BEST

  10. Augustin88123 says:

    i live in nyc where can i find contracts?

  11. Iris Acheson says:

    Thank you Cody for all the great teaching. I found you on YouTube. I'm going to
    continue to follow all the great Real Estate Info.

  12. Eric Jay says:

    Guys, I followed Phil P, Sean T,all REI / mentors on youtube and periscope and other social medias, not that the other guys aren't good but Cody Sperber aswell as his clever investor program (now apart of) is economical, entertaining and engaging, its less expensive then other ones iv'e done the research, hands down the best content out there… for this real estate learning you are trying to get into, you've done the homework now just need the tools to start, all in one place. give it a try, I did myself and Happy I am

  13. Michael Lopez says:

    Great training you can take action on. Just signed up for the M5 marketing system that helps bring everything I was trying to piece together on one platform!

  14. Rajesh Maharaj says:

    Cody is the best. I was trying to get in his mentorship program. But I couldn't afford it. I hope one day soon I can become an investor with Cody as my Mentor

  15. Mc Jewizm says:

    Thanks for uploading, Cody. Great video. Much love from Australia

  16. Moises Jimenez says:

    Awesome information man!!

  17. Alan Jimenez says:

    Cody is super helpful, if you want to know how to flip houses and make serious money he is the guy you are looking for! Download the Periscope app and search for him by his tag at "Cody Sperber". You will not regret it. Cody is the best!

  18. Ernesto Garza says:

    This content is the best and most detailed I've found and from a guy who is down to earth explaining the process. Awsome content Cody.

  19. Luis Garcia says:

    Hands down the best real estate mentor world wide!! This has changed my outlook on life and my lifestyle thanks so much for what your doing bro!!

  20. Paul Holden says:

    Cody is the real deal. So if you're interested in learning the in's and out's of how to flip a house, then I would recommend that you subscribe to either his YouTube channel or follow him on Periscope because he will teach you how to do that.

  21. Simon Nackborn says:

    You're incredible man! Please visit my channel too if you'd like, even though I'm not as good as you. :)

  22. francesco arioli says:

    Great playing man, love your feel. What's the song at: 1.16?

  23. Pt0wN973b0iI says:


  24. Typhoon792 says:

    Always so refreshing after listening to many other guitarists to hear you again.  Too good XD

  25. Ahmad Aghaeimanesh says:

    you are my guitar Hero Adam??✌

  26. Ryan Jones says:

    Great video. Looking forward to the next scope Adam!

  27. Pan SkrypciK says:

    Hey, Adam! Your playing is beyond my comprehension. I just want to ask if you play all 'em covers (during live streams) by ear or you use scales patterns or sth? Thanks!

  28. Tanya Nandykazi says:

    Big fan of all the John Mayer!!! So good!

  29. Farouk Wane says:

    So awesome man <3 where can I find all streams?