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Grant Cardone talks about how to get a book published. Grant knew from a young age he would write a book. His Sell or Be Sold book has been published in the traditional way but also as a shortened e-book version filled with videos. Hit your audience in multiple ways. The way in which you reach them is of less importance than the fact that you reach them. Whether it’s a book or an mp3 audio file, it doesn’t matter to Grant. It’s ok to have grammar issues, Grant puts commas wherever he wants—you can get away with so much in today’s world. The book writer must take massive action in 2016. Don’t worry about the writing, worry about the selling. Writing is the easy part, selling and promoting is what separates the successful from the average.
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The Nooner:  Episode 16 – What order to read Grant Cardone books

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Today, we’re answering the question, “What order to read Grant Cardone books”

One of the top questions we get…

First a little fun fact about reading –

Are you aware that most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs will read on average at least 60 books in a single year?
Unfortunately, the next statistic is rather depressing.
An average American worker will read on average less than ONE book in that same year.
Now, here’s the kicker. That same average American will wind up making 319 times LESS income.

Don’t even think of saying you don’t have time to read!!! You have 319 times more time.

Grab any of these books and you will benefit – just start somewhere –

However, for a truly synergistic effect try this ideal order –

1. Sell Or Be Sold – lay the foundation
2. Closer’s – selling and closing are separate arts and sciences
3. First Or Last – now that you’re skilled up, let’s get out into the market place
4. 10X – how to think big and go big

8 Tips for getting the most from Grant Cardone’s books:

Here’s a few considerations as you start to dig!
1. Challenge yourself to complete and read one book a week.
2. Set aside a specific time of day for reading –
3. Commit to and write down the exact date you will finish the book by. You figure it out and plot your time line, but do that for yourself and see what happens.
4. Take copious amounts of notes
5. Answer truthfully the questions at the end of each chapter.
6. Do not go to the next chapter until you have completed step 3.
7. Before starting a chapter asks yourself, “if I had to teach a 60 minute class on this chapter TOMORROW, how would I read this?”
8. Use these books. Do not just read them once and move on.
Use them for inspiration, motivations, and solutions.

Your success in this life depends on you. And you depend on you being the absolute best you can be. These four book can and will help you create a better you. Guaranteed.

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  1. Sabkasdareaza 9 says:

    chandler come on where are You Bring laughs be In The game lol! Grant Love You Man Thanks!

  2. Sabkasdareaza 9 says:

    ohh This is Golden Information freaking Genius!

  3. William Gill says:

    haha i love how carefree you are, keep it up Grant!

  4. William Gill says:

    haha i love how carefree you are, keep it up Grant!

  5. Douglas Valenzuela says:

    I love it how he says Sci-Fi.

  6. Ericka Williams says:

    You want to be the SELLER not the BUYER. I know many folks starting a business going hard on PRESELLING because credit is tight. A ton of dyslexia folks out there, putting together a video/audiobook. thanks for the google analytics just did it.

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    That was Great

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    That was a great introduction. Loved it. Back to watching. Thanks.

  9. E.R. Dragonleaf says:

    Listen to me uncle G. I have in my power the most important New York Times best selling Fantasy Novel, a HUGE PRODUCT. Sadly, 10 years "trying/planning" to write it…. It still on my computer yet 🙁 NOW I AM TAKING MASSIVE ACTION 🙂 build a massive audience and put my book/product in all forms in front of every human being on this planet. THX UNCLE G.

  10. The European Boutique says:

    being moltilingual and barely finnished my high school I always like the Audio books becouse im working on my dress designs Im Juliana Vanburen owner at The European Boutique in Trenton MI. I also cleaned up when was 25 … Took my daughter with me and left ….and I met My husband now of 5 years David Vanburen he travels and does the supper sales in dealerships with Gonny "G" he shoed me your ABC (always be Closing ) we bought so
    One of your products and you totally remind me of my uncle back in Europe ….please I must talk to you ..what is it going to take for me to get your attention … I been writing other noted to you and I know once you hear me out you'll understand

  11. The European Boutique says:

    My husbandand I, want to come and meet you and your lovely wife, im from Albania lived through Communism, child slave in Greece and through abusive reletonship in Detroit Mi. ( out of all places) I would love to write a book and for you to hear my story and give some advicev

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    Im gonna be a millionaire one day, watch me

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    Great vid. Thanks David!