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How to Get Rich – from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of my favorite books about money. It made me lose the poor employee mindset and I definitely recommend reading it to everyone.

Here is a one page PDF I created, so we can easily remember the lessons in about 30 seconds:…

Lesson 1 (1:31) : Buy assets—things that put money in your pocket.

Lesson 2 (4:33) : It’s not how much you make. It’s how much you keep.

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  1. 36 Beats says:

    The only thing I learnt from this video is that you're a huge, egotistic asshole.
    You're what's destroying this society.

  2. Je Moeder says:

    I love how this guy thinks. It's amazing to see how many people think I'm crazy with all my ideas on money while all they need to do is watch this video over and over again and they will understand me!

  3. sumthinweerd says:

    I was following you for the most part until you started slandering the idea of taxation, criticising America for being too "communist", and calling every middle or lower class American stupid or lazy. What strikes me as ridiculous is that you began with your only real insight (which I'm sure is just paraphrased from the book), that the education in this country is lacking. The parts that you personally added to this "summary" truly show how much critical thinking you do. First, you follow up by calling middle class citizens stupid, even though all they are doing is what they've been taught. Then you say that it's good for the rich to avoid taxation and put the weight of that burden on the poor. Even though if the rich didn't avoid taxation, we would likely have a better education system allowing middle and lower class Americans to be more productive. Then you say that America is too communist, when its hardly even socialist, and the most successful, productive, and happiest countries in the world right now are social democracies. So it's clear you aren't caught up on your world news. Not to mention capitalism has practically failed the USA and nearly collapsed the economic system back in 2008. Rather than promoting positive, caring, and altruistic behaviour, your'e telling people to be selfish. Which is exactly the kind of people the world needs less of. It's clear how much time you spend critically thinking about things. You're the same kind of sponge that becomes a middle class American. You soak up info and just spit it back out, pretending to have some sort of greater wisdom. I guess that's why you're still making YouTube videos instead of sitting in a mansion. Try thinking, you may actually be able to go somewhere once you start.

  4. Hamad alhosany says:

    but a job gives you a fixed income (safe income ) and investing is risky so it is best to have both incomes so if you lose you can cover up by the job and if you did not lose in the invesment you are going to be rich ×2😄

  5. Paolo Andina says:

    you are an idol!

  6. Clem Davis says:

    This was good information until it turned into a political rant.
    That's fine if you don't agree with taxation, but have you thought about
    the other things taxes can give us? Roads, civil services, healthcare?

  7. Jack Burke says:

    taxation is necessary still.

  8. Anshul Chandak says:

    +FightMediocrity video was good and informative. i have a question , if a buy some stocks and i have loss in that then those stocks will come under liability or asset??

  9. Chinasa Ozonsi says:

    This digressed into some real asshole shit 6:40 in.. That's too bad.

  10. Hameer Samejo says:

    more like consumption vs investment, no?

  11. sandy17oct says:

    Calling the poor or people belonging to the middle class lazy is offensive to me and I resent it. People of the developing nations on an average work longer that people in developed nations. And let me spell it out for you, working longer does not mean that you are lazy. You have no clue about the hardships that people go through to survive. Clearly, your privileged background has bought you education, but no wisdom. It's a good thing that money can't buy certain assets.

  12. sandy17oct says:

    The ability to buy assets is not a given. The one percent specifically have enough reserves to control such assets predominantly, consequently, leading to additional income. It's a perpetual cycle, which, if the government doesn't intervene, would lead only to the aggravating of the problem of inequality. The suggestions that you make seem to be viable only for the filthy rich. Man, you're so mediocre. Your explanation is laughable.

  13. Tekky B Nerdy Nay says:

    How does one acquire assets when credit is being repaired and there is not capital to start with?

  14. Carbon Instinct says:

    Man you're videos are awesome. Good luck in your path to success.

  15. jaseem khan says:

    superb…..really superbbbbbb. no word to say known it everyone but dont understand…..

  16. Cameron19 says:

    You're not gonna get rich from watching stupid videos like this. The real secret of becoming rich is that there is no secret. My advice is do something that you love, and are good at. Example: art, music, sports, investing, building, health etc. Find something you love, and are good at and work your ass off day and night until you're successfull, and along the way don't let people tell you that you can't succeed cause you can. You don't have to have a lot of talent. If you want it, and you grind for it, it will happen. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not in a couple months. Maybe not for several years. But you will eventually get out what you put in. Remember, "if it was easy, everyone would do it".

  17. Paul Dice says:

    this was the first video I have watched from your channel. I am not to sure if you will respond but I would like to thank you for the video and the knowledge. Is there a way I cam contact you? I have a couple questions on assets, I have a chunk of money that is just sitting around gaining interest but not making enough to make a huge difference. I'd like to know your thoughts. thanks! love the videos.

  18. The Hawks Nest says:

    good video

  19. LightningStrikes66 says:

    Great Video, some points are a little outdated. But very well put together. Thank You.

  20. wisdom waits says:

    I love how you gave Robert a bamboo hat lol