How To Get Your First 100 Email List Subscribers

How To Get Your First 100 Email List Subscribers
I use Mailchimp for Email Marketing
In this video I will talk about how to grow your email list and get your first 100 subscribers when building your email list.

Growing your email list is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy and if you can grow your email list fast, it can have many benefits for your business.

One of the best ways to build your email list is to use what is called a Lead Magnet, this is a free offering to anyone who signs up for your email list.

The important things are to focus on creating trust with your audience and make sure that you are putting your email list signup form on your website. I also recommend asking them to join your email list in your video content.

Whatever Email Marketing platform you use, growing your email list should be done organically, do not cheat at this or buy an email list.

My email list takes the form of a newsletter, where I offer a free e-book on personal branding. I also allow people to sign up for a free email course on growing their YouTube channel.

There are many ways to get your first 100 Email Subscribers but I recommend in addition to free give aways that you have a solid content strategy.

Knowing that you are going to deliver quality content in each email means you will have a higher email open rate. Every time you send something out to your email list, your audience will trust that it is quality information and not just you selling stuff.

This also means that you will have a lower rate of email list abandonment and that your email subscribers will stick around for the long haul.

Some More Tips On How to Grow Your Email List
Use Videos in Your Email Marketing
On Your Blog Utilize a Pop Up with your Email List Lead Magnet
Grow Your Email List Using Social Media
Have a Content Strategy for Your Email Marketing
Make What Your Email List Subscribers Get, Very Clear

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20 Responses to How To Get Your First 100 Email List Subscribers

  1. Terry Power says:

    Hello Roberto. I love your videos. I wanted to know what your advice you would give for me an Affiliate Marketer for Black Owned companies and their products.

  2. Yousef Al-Hasan says:

    What lead magnet do you suggest for me ? And what if i don't have it ?

  3. Maryanne Elliott says:

    I love your passion! Thanks for the great tips!!

  4. MStacks85 says:

    always informative

  5. John Nesmith says:

    📌 YOU CAN 📌 check this : B O L 7 . C O M , here is new updated software.. or skype : Hemant_136 ,

  6. x x says:

    Code Geass lol

  7. Amal Nathan says:

    Thanks Roberto.. good tips.

  8. PrettyKittyCommissions says:

    I know it's been about two years since this vid, but are you still using Mailchimp? I've heard that their automation is really difficult to work with or maintain and I really want to start using it. I've been looking into other email service providers, but I adore the drag ad drop and design features of it.

    What are your thoughts, Roberto?

  9. aeko says:

    You might want to consider adding more facial expressions to your repertoire. I hear what you're saying but your face (and body) needs to do more communicating about the conviction you have.

  10. Garnell Wallace says:

    Thank you for this video. I have been wanting to do an e-mail list for a long time and doing a lot of research. I've never had anyone explain it in this way. I will now create that valuable content before I create my list.

  11. AstroGardner says:

    i use mail chimp but my subscribers either havent click a confirmation email or never received it. it says they are signing up on my fb analytics by i never get an email..

  12. Jon'Vie says:

    thankyou for this video… especially being clear and concise lol… some people just ramble about nothing lol thankyou

  13. B Leon says:

    Love all your videos!! You have videos in all the subjects i want to learn about!! YAY!! Question: I have a customers base of about 2,400 people. More if i go back 3-4 years. These are customers that have bought a product from me several times over the last 2 years through Facebook or my website. Is there a way i can start a list with their emails? Some are my friends on either Facebook or a fan of my FB Fan page. i just know there are certain rules about spamming and all that but these are not random people these are people i already do interact with. Can i send them an email asking them to join my VIP list ie Email list for special promotion and giveaways? Thanks Roberto! you are an inspiration!!

  14. Mark White says:

    Awesome video very informative

  15. zintiaX says:

    Yes i would like to share my email list of 5237 clients but of course only in exchange for something valuable. (all saved in a txt.document)

    If you are willing to do a quick download survey for me ? Then yes you can have it!
    It would be a WinWin situation no?

  16. George Vernon says:

    How much money do you make from your spreadshirt?

  17. Simplify Leads says:

    Great tips Roberto. We actually have a software that helps people collect high targeted emails using nothing but high trusted authority websites.

  18. Kadian Powell says:

    hi awesome vid…. but how big should my list be first before i start selling to them

  19. Pablo Cohen says:

    Well done!

  20. Curtis Tention says:

    Great video! I am glad to be apart your list. You really made it clear about having a content strategy. Up front value. Giving them something that they want. I GOT IT!!! Thanks.