How to Make Money Selling Clothes on Ebay ( The BEST Men’s Dress Shirt Brands )


In today’s video Steve shares with you his top dress shirt brands when selling clothes on eBay. Steve has been selling clothing on eBay for over 3 years and has sold well over 0,000 worth of used clothes on eBay.

If you want to learn how to start a clothing business on eBay and what to sell on eBay for the best profit when selling clothes then this video will help you out tremendously.

Starting an eBay clothing business can be a challenge at first, and takes a lot of hard work and learning, but if you can stick with it long enough to get the hang of things it can be a very lucrative business.



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27 Responses to How to Make Money Selling Clothes on Ebay ( The BEST Men’s Dress Shirt Brands )

  1. Bobomb48 says:

    I recently went to a local Goodwill (first time thrifting to resell), and I picked up a Caribbean Joe, a Duluth, and a shirt I took a gamble on, and have had a lot of trouble researching, called Sandro Zanella. I've found the brand Sandro, and I've found the brand Zanella, but I haven't found Sandro Zanella. Based on the brands I found, I think it's the gem of my trip, but I don't know how much to list it for.

  2. Pinarello Rider says:

    Awesome vid Steve! Do you find it necessary or cost effective to dry clean the shirts you scoop up b4 listing on eBay OR do you clean them urself and hit them with an iron instead??

  3. Flor Cedillo says:

    Good information.

  4. clarence thompson says:

    What about ties?…are ties sales good also!?

  5. Barkey McCheesepants says:

    Steve, what kind of mannequin do you use for your men's shirts? I've seen several different kinds for sale on eBay but I want to get one that best shows the shirt and not just the cheapest one on the market. Could you post a link on which ever one that you use? I would certainly appreciate it as I am looking to post several men's shirts on eBay but I'm holding off until I know the best form to use. Thanks so much. Also, does this video reflect on your 101 Best Clothing Brands book that you sell? Thanks again.

  6. krillin876 says:

    Ku-chin-ell- lee

  7. Pittsburgh Mike says:

    One thing I'm gonna disagree with partly. As for suits/blazers or higher end clothing a solid white background wrinkle free on a mannequin works best. A professional appearance is key because of who you're selling to.

    As for every day items, I think a background that stands out is important. I use a Steelers gold and black background for a lot of items. I got this idea from a seller who uses a red brick background. It makes the thumbnail stand out when you scroll down in the search. All those white backgrounds then woah, what's this? It makes people stop through all the saturation. Just my opinion

  8. Pittsburgh Mike says:

    "Everybody needs clothing, everybody wears clothing"

    Not me!

  9. Joseph Pfeifer says:

    ON Mother's Day, they had a sale at our Disable Veteran Store and a RED Racks store. orange tags .50 cents. on all orange tag, any dept.  I bought so much clothing and suits, jackets was great.  A nice Polo Ralph Lauren Sport Coat .50 cents I am putting it up for over 35 to 50 dollars.  Great ROI…..

  10. 01Woof says:

    what bookkeeping system do you use?

  11. mary morris says:

    Great information, thank you for sharing. I have a couple of questions, 1) What do you do to keep up with expenses, cost of goods, etc for when tax prep time comes around? 2) Do you have a recommendation for medical insurance – the only thing keeping me at my full time job is fear of losing my benefits.

  12. NickBarroDrums says:

    How often do you go out to pick? Do you go and source everyday? Seeing the amount of inventory you and other youtube clothing resellers have listed is crazy and I hope to get my inventory to that level someday!

  13. eBay Sellingnut says:

    Yes u can make a full time job eBay do ur homework not for everyone

  14. lemostjoyousrenegade says:

    Wow, Ronnie! You listed a Loro Piana jacket at !4.99? I couldn't believe my ears. I used to sell Loro Piana in the 90's and just the FRINGE on a Loro Piana scarf would have sold for $75. LOL! GOOD Cha-Ching, mate!

    In case you're interested, Piana is pronounced PEE-ONna – onna as pronounced in Donna. And Hermes..ERR-mezz. Like error…and mezz as pronounced in mezzaanine.

    Thanks for taking the time to SHARE as much and as often as you do. You're most EXCELLENT!!!

    Happy New Year!

  15. Frank Critelli says:

    Thanks for your time

  16. mzzzol says:

    I like your style!
    Very Simple and nice.
    Of doing Ebay!

  17. mzzzol says:

    Great video.
    Thanks a lot.

  18. Thrifting Girl says:

    When you shop for clothing – do you focus on the current weather or do you look ahead at the next season?

  19. Mary Barsaloux says:

    Congratulations on ur success!! It is a lot of work getting from sourcing to the actual listing and subsequent sell. I have nice stuff but get lazy about listing. And dealing w buyers can be a nightmare (esp women).

  20. Thrifting Girl says:

    Thank you – this has encouraged me to keep listing!!!

  21. Edward Ketchens says:

    how do you market your store? I'm trying make at least 15000 I'm sales this year

  22. Bill Dritsoulas says:

    Nice job always enjoy your input, btw regarding hats your right sports team hats margins tough sometimes lately had good luck with transportation or regional things like airlines, different unique sells!

  23. Prof Sales says:

    Good video Ronnie. Covered a lot of topics. What percentage of your listings do you think sells each month ?

  24. Midwest MSC says:

    Damn. Missed it ;(
    Not getting notified for some reason.
    Will Watch the Rerun.
    Thanks Ronnie.

  25. Boa Yo says:

    What is your return policy for international sales? Do you accept returns?

  26. Golden Finger Picker says:

    Great show. Sorry I missed it live

  27. JJ Perks says:

    How do you ship a suit properly? There is a ton of suits at a store near me AND there is a dollar day every week!