How to Use Periscope- A Walkthrough

Get familiar with Periscope as a viewer or broadcaster. So many brands have joined in the cloth diaper universe that you should too. I’m @KimRosas and @PutaCupinIt on Periscope- follow along! The full tutorial with more detail is on the blog:

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5 Responses to How to Use Periscope- A Walkthrough

  1. Amanda Friedman Mascio says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I'll be using this for business and you really broke it down well. Thanks again!

  2. Tricia aMommyMyWay says:

    Don't tell me Jim Gaffigan has a Periscope! I've been avoiding it but he is my absolute favorite stand-up comedian.

  3. Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

    Very helpful! Thanks Kim!! :)

  4. Liillea says:

    this was super helpful. thank you!!

  5. Alaskan Mama Vlogger says:

    Now I want to try periscope!