Learn How to Make Money w Scrap Metal – Profitable – Easy Way – Work From Home

Learn How to Make Money w Scrap Metal – Profitable – Easy Way – Work From Home https://vc148.infusionsoft.com/app/form/how-to-make-money-with-junk My attempt to show others how easy they can …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses to Learn How to Make Money w Scrap Metal – Profitable – Easy Way – Work From Home

  1. leighmossien2009 says:

    My brother does copper wire..and ive sat and cut wire with him for hours
    and hours
    I think i helped him one time cut about 80Kg …we dont do it in
    pounds …Oh and i didnt ask him how much money he gets…i just helped
    him a few times .:)

    And i noticed you have a glass table lol :)

  2. Dave Lockwood says:

    If you would like to know about something regarding scrap metal I would do
    my best to answer you……

  3. Igor Chudov says:

    Try doing industrial scrap, going to companies, it is much better.

  4. kwxj61b says:

    That wires…you got some high grade. Copper price goes by copper
    percentage: 50% & 70%. 

  5. Hodge Podge says:

    I have a bunch of 55 gallon barrels? is that worth something? I have never
    thought about doing this but I am a homeschooling SAH mom LOL

  6. Leo Murphy says:


  7. steve meldrum says:

    nice video but i would say your Taps or faucets are Brass almost double the
    price of stainless next time throw the faucets in your brass bin and watch
    them say nothing. keep up the good work

  8. Jacob Malgi says:

    At 34 minutes 25 seconds 34:25 those are transformers… not shred

  9. Gman's World says:

    Why don’t you take the time to strip your wire?

  10. bonnie smith says:

    my father use to burn the coating off copper in a meal bin he ad years ago
    I just strip it with a razor it my why of crocheting at night lol

  11. fordmanmal . says:

    If you wont strip the coating off those fat TV cables WHY bother cutting
    and checking them to be copper? The scrap man is NOT going to go thru your
    bin and cut them themselves and check – waste of their precious time. It
    all goes thru a big mincer when recycled and sorted by machines anyway.
    Just chuck them straight in if you not gonna strip them, don’t waste your
    time cutting! And don’t chuck the plug ends into normal scrap rubbish – put
    them into a MIXED bin (eg copper, brass, stainless etc that you cant clean
    or strip) cos plug ends have Brass & S/S in them. I get 35c KG for Mixed vs
    13c KG Plain Scrap (in New Zealand) – KGs not Pounds. Also my mixed stuff
    includes light fittings, charger ends (bit that plugs into wall) anything
    with non-magnetic bits in/on it that you cant strip or not worth the time.

  12. Tyson Walsh says:

    In nh it is called light iron

  13. Justin Mckibben says:

    Maybe this is answered in the video…..if I am unsure what type of metal
    I have will I have to figure out beforehand?

  14. fernancruzjr says:

    you shoul make more videos sir!thumbs up

  15. Jude Quinn says:

    Hi Sir, one question, after you sell those Metal, where are they going? a
    car factory? or any specific place?

  16. darkdragonsqd says:

    thats crazy where im at if the wires don’t have the ends the put it as
    lowgrade wire lol

  17. chris b says:

    For anybody watching this video for the first time start at about 11 minute
    mark when he starts actually talking about scrapping!

  18. jesus jones says:

    if someone offered you 5 tonnes of tires, with rims, some alloy. would you
    take them?

  19. something says:

    This is really awesome, thumbs up for sure. I’m from Manitoba, Canada. Last
    year I discovered scrapping as a profession. I’ve known about this for
    years, but never pursued it as a serious job. Now that I have, I can make
    50-100$ a day doing my own work, at my own pace. This guy Dave Lockwood,
    knows what he’s talking about. Pay attention, it’s worth it!

  20. chris b says:

    How about if the coaxial has copper in the center. Do you still get rid of

  21. Andrew B says:

    Very great video. I used to strip copper wire and turn it in at the junk
    yard. My uncle is an electrician so he would always have extra wiring he
    didn’t need that he got from old houses and such, so he’d supply me and I’d
    get about $300-$400 a haul every month or so. After seeing this, I think
    I’ll get back into it along with the other ideas suggested in the video.
    Great video man, keep it up!

  22. Mike Litoris says:

    I will admit, scrapping is a lot of fun, Always making sure what I scrap is
    not worth selling as is. I once got a small stabilizer from my dentist. I
    was going to scrap it and ended up selling it for £600, to a repair man. I
    am sure it is still in use at a tattoo shop now.

  23. Dave Lockwood says:
  24. Gerry Clyde says:

    You’re saying things we already know

  25. nice2you2PickerOhio says:

    Thumbs up! Awesome video! The word discipline makes me shake cause I know
    when I decide to use that word in my vocab there is gonna be some pain
    until I make it through it! To the other side. Happy thanksgiving!

  26. LouieTheSeller says:

    Great video as always…Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  27. oliver brand says:

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  28. OUP Clothing, Vintage & Retro! says:

    great video G…. enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  29. Vesel Daliborov says:

    are you unaware of all this let me guide you the awesome stuff its panxcash
    the best

  30. Glendon Cameron says:
  31. Gandalf Giacobbe says:

    Great video! This really hits home with me! I have been thinking my problem
    was a lack of follow through, but now I see it is discipline!

  32. MissAimee85 says:

    You might have already answered this in a video, but where can I buy your

  33. MrSaddie123 says:

    Man where do i start with the issues ive heard here, wow you are so far off

  34. SuperJV4x says:

    I think that discipline is a factor of insight. Free will is overrated – if
    it even exists. When people actually “SEE” what is correct for them they
    will do it. Why does a woman stay in a marriage where she is battered for
    10 yrs and then one day “ding” a bell goes off and she finally leaves? It
    all comes down to insight. The mind has a field of view – just like a
    camera lens.

  35. TREVOR hart says:


  36. BLAZINBEATS123 says:

    good video man it made me think about some stuff

  37. prettysteeve47 says:

    Professor Glendon: Great video! A lack of self discipline will definitely
    make success much harder to achieve !! Happy thanksgiving bro!!

  38. OutlawUniverse says:

    Great example of discipline just look at Lance Armstrong. Yeah he did
    drugs and so did every other cyclist. But put that aside.

    His biggest rival was Jan Ulrich. Jan Ulrich was a genetic freak. When he
    was on his game he would just crush the competition. Problem was he wasn’t
    very disciplined so time and time again he lost. If he had Lance
    Armstrongs discipline he would have won everything for 15 years and no one
    would even know who Lance Armstrong was.

    But since Lance Armstrong was more determined to be on top he is a
    household name while most people say “Who is Jan Ulrich?” 

  39. Candace Haley says:

    Things that make you go hmmm…lol Love it! Thanks, I needed that.Happy