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Troy Ave On How To Make Money Off Twitter Followers

Shot & Edited By Ahmed Sabir-Calloway (@Akthentik) & Valerie Sakmary (@TroyAve)
Interview By: Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)
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39 Responses to Make Money on Twitter – The Future of Online Advertising!

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  20. Marcus TMC says:

    look how good he talked about joey badass in this interview and that nigga joey still went and dissed him and troy looks like da bully smh…i want troy to not even acknowledge any of that anymore and just focus

  21. Dat Naga says:

    free my nigga

  22. john doe says:

    yo listen theres so many fake niggaz in the world today thats why Troy Ave is an outkast in the eyes of people today.

    What is left of our dying breed supported Troy since day 1.


  23. Ö - W II T N E S S - Ö says:

    Fuck niggas hate on Troy. Real niggas don't. That is why all of the Internet trolls shit on the nigga but real niggas in the industry stamped him such as: Pusha T, 50, T.I., Jadakiss etc. Real niggas support Troy as a NY rapper who repped NY and fuck niggas hate behind a keyboard.

  24. Cordezmon James says:

    Niggas be buggin listen to New York City the album !!!

  25. olivier toussaint says:

    Idk why people be hating on this guy. He seem like a really cool homie honestly

  26. Hadassah Bradford says:

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  27. Hannah Maynard says:

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  29. miikeyfreshh says:


  30. IamMr IDIA says:

    thanks for these with him made me go back an peep music one more time. I dig the business mind

  31. Kevin Cummings says:

    y'all do know y'all are taking time outta yo life 2 follow this man. that just let me know y'all age

  32. Eleazar Cobre says:

    next loser in the house, I see your future as a homeless man, you talk to much! lies! lies! lies! liars! you ain't got talent! your music is a piece of shit, your facial expression is like taking shit in the toilet! hahahahaha, you ain't got deals thats why your making this interview. your bullshit!

  33. Krissy Tee says:

    Stay blessed get some respect before you get diana rossed they gon be you fan base treat the lady's right k

  34. Krissy Tee says:

    you better get respect for women real like real real quick

  35. WhoIs MICorleone says:

    what labels macklemore on? oh ard then

  36. Eman the Heartbreak says:

    why so many dislikes

  37. The Mobfather says:

    No wonder the interviewer sounds like he's a Mafia snitch with a muffled voice, ain't no one really wanting their name linked to Troy ave

  38. DocHicksTV says:

    Why are people so offended by what he say? lol like why do ppl bounce from video to video just to hate on him? idgi

  39. murf wegood says:

    Number1 independent label in the Streets BSB Records 👍🏾🎶🎵♠️💯💯💯