Making Money Through Buying / Selling Overstock Products on Ebay & Amazon

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During my 13 years of selling online, I have made money in a myriad of ways. In this video, I discuss a method of buying overstock, clearance pallets from the major chain stores, to turn around and sell on ebay and

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With this technique, you buy from a major company who handles the overstock, returns and closeouts for many major chainstores at about 20% to 40% of the wholesale price. You bid on the items and the bidding starts at 10%.

If you are interested in knowing what company to precisely buy from and how to exactly do this method, please contact me in the comment section of this video, or send me an email via YouTube (click on my name, click on the about tab and click the pull down small triangle near my name and click send message).

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15 Responses to Making Money Through Buying / Selling Overstock Products on Ebay & Amazon

  1. Robert Rose says:

    still rolling?

  2. Ryan Pletzer says:

    How to sell anything is common sense. Stop saying um and make your presentation more professional if you want to get people to pay for your common sense "advice".
    "I may aswell make some money off it since i've done it for so long and did so many things."


    That's the only "advice" this guy is going to give you.

  3. Janette Rosales says:

    Hi, I just bought 2 pallets and I need major advice on how to sale the items. Please please give me more info.

  4. Tara Hyde says:

    Dude hustling information like everyone else

  5. Ray Barnes says:

    Do you still buy truckloads? If so, would you be interested in buying truckloads of categories instead of all different items?

  6. woodytcone says:

    Hi tony , i would like to find out about some coaching

  7. luv muffin says:

    HI, I would love to learn. Plz give me some info how you can teach me.

  8. Jenny Hu says:

    How old are overstock items usually. When the seller cant give me a year but says he bought from an wholesaler and that its overstock – gently used in good condition.. what can you generally expect for its age. Like 1 year or 5. Its a mason pearson hairbrush. Thanks.

  9. b r y a n p r a t h e r says:

    I have been on disability for 4 yrs now and blowing thru thousands in savings account paying bills. I have 3k left in savings to do something with.  Can help me get started? Desperate, depressed, don't know who to trust.  Im in a sink or swim situation. Thanks.

  10. Alexander Armstrong says:

    What are your thoughts on

  11. Jeff Duhon says:

    Great advice! I currently sell on ebay making $100-$200 a day profit and could use this advice on taking it to the next level.

  12. Dylan Blake says:

    Can I get the pallet info?, thank you 

  13. carlos garcia says: im interested in buying pallets from overstock clearing email me to contact you. thank you

  14. iamJahwill says:

    i think you accidentally gave out a couple useful tips this time. instead of droning incessantly about how you know it all and offering to sell the actual info the title implies you are providing. thanks

  15. Source Guy says:

    I would like to know info about buying salvage pallets to resell?