Rich Dad Poor Dad AudioBook – robert kiyosaki rich dad poor dad audiobook
Network Marketing (Direct Selling) is a business system which has been growing, adapting, maturing and gaining in popularity over the last 50 years. It has now been vindicated as one of the most effective forms of marketing today, endorsed by many financial and business experts such as Warren Buffet, Tom Peters, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Dr. Charlotte Phelps, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, and David Bach.

As Victor Hugo wrote, “Nothing, not all the armies in the world, can stop an idea whose time has come.”

The World Federation Of Direct Selling Associations states “There are presently over 59 national DSAs represented in its membership, and in 2007 it is estimated that worldwide retail sales by its members accounted for more than 4 Billion through the activities of more than 62 million independent sales representatives. But, don’t take my word for it check out this video below and listen to a brief documentary that reveals the greatest news for you!

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17 Responses to Rich Dad Poor Dad AudioBook – robert kiyosaki rich dad poor dad audiobook

  1. Rick Pierre says:

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  2. akhil mukalla says:

    i want to start to start my own business which net work marketing business is better now

  3. Hasan Masud says:

    I see many people keep on speaking about Mofedest Miracle (do a google search). But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried this program that created by well known motivator?

  4. Vicky says:

    every thing is fine but can the person who post this video remove the "(network marketing)" off plz. Thanks

  5. Dave Pena says:

    This is the business model of the 21st century. Income is performance based. The key is finding the right company with a strong compensation plan. Best decision I ever made!

  6. DitchDaBoss says:

    When you have financial giants standing behind our industry like this, helps everyone involved. Thanks for getting the word out!

  7. Zach Edwards says:

    Great video.  Anyone know what year this was made?

  8. Wendy Murray says:

    This is a great video.  Look for the company that fits you.  I researched, tried several, failed, learned and now have found my place.

  9. Abel Francois says:

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  10. Eric Smalls says:

    It is pretty funny.

  11. chris Reed says:

    The comments on this video are hilarious! Everyone trying to recruit for their own business and not one read. lls

  12. Melanee Davis says:

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  13. Lawrence Surles Sr says:

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  14. Selena Michelle says:

    Low risk, high return and no experience required is simply NOT what you hear after you graduate college, but you do in Network Marketing. I'm an HR professional and I'm unable to help people transition into a great career or move up despite their education. Network Marketing is a way for ANYONE to win. It's hard work, but so is your job. This is the wave of the present. I'm more than happy to talk to anyone who wants to learn and is open minded.

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  15. Irene Santos says:

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  16. Kris Ghimire says:

    *so true

  17. Kris Ghimire says:

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