Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Biggest Crash Is Coming

Alex Jones talks with best selling Author Robert Kiyosaki about what he thinks the next shoe to drop will be.

Video: Cops Turn Off Camera Before Beating Man

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18 Responses to Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Biggest Crash Is Coming

  1. michael ohoiwutun says:

    the soup has gone bad. now we wait till it decay's

  2. Donan Jackson says:

    This all would have been pleasantly informing had they not took offense to the social progression going on in the world. All of these derogatory comments about race and gender equality are preposterous. Social progress is just as important as financial progression and yes it should have equal time as far as representation in the media as social issues, but do NOT demean the progression of a huge issue such as race to the brown paper bag tests used against black people by the police during the Jim Crow era. There are black, Latino/a, and Asian people dying everyday at the hands of police officers just because of the color of their skin and you're telling me that the financial state of a country is more important than the lives of people on the earth???? Absolutely not. Especially if when we all die, we can't take our financial wealth with us. Other than that, the idea of entrepreneurship should be shared and people should be concerned about their financial health within the economy.

  3. Blue Pacific says:

    Rubbish. Kiyosaki did not predict any market corrections and is already wrong about this one, as he thought it would happen in 2015.

  4. Earnest john Lal says:

    Such a nice and honest video. If anyone wants to improve their financial future exponentially then this there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make life changing amount of money.

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  5. Rob K says:

    first they came for houses(many dont have their houses paid off,had to downsize,rent) then they came for cars(many cars on the road are leases) then they come for retirement money(pensions are rare now a days and less and less jobs offer 401k's) the baby boomers(the largest generation) in many cases are going broke. my parents for example both around 60 years old had to take money out of their 401k to pay credit card bills, thats what will cause the biggest crash in history. the largest generation having to wipe out their 401ks just to pay the bills

  6. Jerry Sims says:

    this is real good and so is this if you have a PayPal account

  7. 777mandrake says:

    This guy keeps talking about the game Monopoly.  Do you know what happens at the end of every game?  WE STOP PLAYING!   What I would like him to tell me is how to prepare to play the next game.  Not this annoying monopoly game we are playing now.

  8. Interioroutbreak69 says:

    Was this guy right? There was a big market crash today.

  9. - Stiegosaurus - says:

    I find it extremely annoying that this Kiyosaki guy comments on how the middle class is wiped out and he feels horrible, yet obviously RAN at the idea of acquiring real estate to become richer when it was offered. Absolute rage inside of me right now.

  10. Shon Dee says:

    with a few tasteful tweeks communism would not be so bad. it would solve a lot of todays issues.

  11. Tremayne Douglas says:

    First time watching Alex Jones.. Bigup Robert K. Bless.

  12. Jim Samson says:

    That is why you  have a frog known as a reptile in your throat.

  13. Jim Samson says:

    alex jones out of respect for my friends you are a parasitical created excrement trying to live off the residue of the stolen wealth by viruses like the rothchilds yore friends

  14. libertarianation1 says:

    Big crash is coming, but has very little to do with what Rich Dad/Poor Dad talked about in his book.

  15. 00rphb says:

    Okay what the hell is "brown paper bag" an innuendo for? Pornography?

  16. Kevin VIN says:

    i would love to have watermelon and fried chicken

  17. Nasha Naufal says:

    It's not just in thee USA my country too has been getting worse in the last decade: stagnant economy to little growth less than 1% in some year negative growth, limiting business from 12 noon to 2pm every Friday, the Royalty enjoying the billions from oil while the population are given national houses that are small as a chicken barn, no freedom of speech esp. against royalty for which one can be arrested, fined and sent to jail under IS act and this mth they introduced business curfew by midnight that's the problem when you put religious zealot people in charge of the damn Gov't

  18. Ace1000ks1975 says:

    Printing money does not lead to collapse. If the economy could produce $16 trillion worth of goods of services, $16 trillion in currency can be loaned into existence. The U.S.A. has a very robust economy, you can't compare it to Zimbabwe!