Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) · How To Be Successful In YOUR Business Opportunity

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Teaches how to be Successful in your business opportunities.


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12 Responses to Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) · How To Be Successful In YOUR Business Opportunity

  1. Richie McDonald says:

    I got nothing from this, complete waste of time. Not saying this guy hasn't done some good stuff, just saying this isn't. Wasted an hour of my life.

  2. Alexander Larrabee says:

    I like Robert's financial message, but for the love of god KEEP Kim off the fucking stage!!!! I can tell she is a feminist twat just from listening to her run her fucking mouth! Robert may be smart about money but he should really get coaching on how to handle women!

  3. Randolph Wellington says:

    did anyone not know about taxes before this video?

  4. kaleb Gonzales says:

    hi dad!

  5. Priscila Riscado says:

    Spoiler alert: 15 minutes of this video is all about clapping

  6. Jayant doegar says:
  7. LdotMerida says:

    i use to think that robert was one of those "get rich quick" guys… this guy actually sells good information and deserves his fortune 

  8. trebledc says:

    if your school teacher told you that this people got rich in this way no one will study any more. A person's journey in life and the changes of wants would lead him to somewhere. 

  9. Gina G says:

    You rock! Can't wait to read your books…

  10. BadrEddine Ait BabaAziz says:

    I love this man

  11. Michael James Anwar says:

    Lesson learned.

  12. MrKlaydi says:

    Robert, you do the right things… Thanks a lot for your books… :)))