“These days things are more out of control than they were before the banking crash. More derivatives are in the market, more risky trading is being done and no one is paying attention. Meanwhile China has built a housing prison for themselves by over-speculating on housing, resulting in ‘ghost-cities’. This week we talk to Chris Martensen about China, the coming crash and water, yes! water.”

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10 Responses to ROBERT KIYOSAKI The Bubble Is Back

  1. Mark Riese says:

    Correction: Debt WAS $57 TRILLION MORE than 2008 in 2014… by 2016 we are at $70+ TRILLION more.

  2. Ethan Grimmer says:

    thank you guys so much for your work and for getting great information to us. robert kim and all of your guests are awesome. love you guys!

  3. Ethan Grimmer says:

    why are there so few views here?

  4. Brian Richards says:

    It would have been very helpful to the viewer if the term "crash" was defined. As it stands, everything that was said in the video was nebulous and vague. It really sounded more like an advertisement for their books and investments. Towards the end, it was stated that there would be a hyper deflationary event followed by a hyper inflationary event. No one knows, but both of these types of events are rather rare in World history. I'd be cautious about betting my life on this investment advice. But do your research. That's the best thing Mr. Kiyosaki said. It is true. These are smart people, but ultimately, no one knows what is going to happen. And excuse me, but water "rights" can be taken by the government any time they wish. Thanks and good luck. (and do your research before you invest in anything!)

  5. Barry N says:

    You guys claim to be smart….the agenda is to enslave everyone..Until the Money system is changed and taken away from manipulation…No one is safe,secure or can protect themselves from anything no matter what.
    People do talk shows in order to sell products, the truth is to enforce the Laws and take the power from the Government by making it small and imprisoning these couple of 100 people that create this fake money. You Robert will be as broke as anyone else when it crashes.

  6. jczlcheeze says:

    Solution is bar all bottled beverages. Except whisky. That one takes time and is. Beautiful thing

  7. Barbara Joyce says:

    stop elite from making water and weather problems. stop agenda 21, and true balance can take place. A barge can be floated off CA shore which has ability to purify enough water for whole west coast. AZ was even working on water coversion options at same time bill gates designed cleaning water from waste.

  8. DTPetrucci123490th says:

    what to do to survive if you dont have any money lol

  9. Tehutii55 says:

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  10. Raymond Jensen says:

    Robert, even if a student asks a stupid question, you need to be patient with him.