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Vin Diesel Selling Toys in 1994

Vin Diesel in his 20s, wearing a leather vest with no shirt underneath, promoting Street Sharks. It sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s real. It’s so, so real.

The clip, from 1994, now circulating around the Internet after popping up on Twitter and then on Kotaku. He appears to be making a sales pitch for Street Sharks at a toy fair, and he gets so into it.

Please, we urge you to enjoy this completely unexpected footage of the man who’d later become Dominic Toretto freaking out over something called a “hand shark.”

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Vin Diesel Selling Toys in 1994
Video Rating: / 5

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25 Responses to Selling Toys At Toy Fusion & Online! Also Sideshow Collectibles & Tamashii Nations Unboxing

  1. bubba toilolo says:

    can i have some transformer toys

  2. bubba toilolo says:

    are you sell transformer toys

  3. Shawarma_4Stark says:

    Nice! I'll be sure to check out Toy Fusion, and great looking figures btw!

  4. Shawn Henry (The hobby man) says:

    PS4 Time This 1923

  5. Dennis Whyers says:

    Bebop and rocksteady they look sweet ant the tony mechanic wow great 

  6. MrZaksterTV says:

    When will you review the DC Collectibles Batman Arkham Origins figures?

  7. DSGsavager56 says:


  8. DSGsavager56 says:

    can you sell me a kick ass 2 m'efr and kickass figures

  9. Francisco Villa says:

    Do you think Hot Toyz will make a Deadpool figure?

  10. Fredrik Lundgren says:

    Hahaha. Chake it mate!

  11. Fredrik Lundgren says:

    Would like to buy a figure from you, just because its from you 🙂 but i only collect 1/6 like hot toys, enterbay etc. Cheers!

  12. Taylan Aplar says:

    when can we vote top 10 toylines of 2013

  13. Curtis says:

    Nice haircut!

  14. Geeks Paradise says:

    When will you upload the Darth Malgus Review?

  15. Olivier Pulver says:


  16. Liam Hunter says:

    I ordered the mechanic back in August when am I supposed to get it?

  17. TheCJL says:

    I gotta say man I watch all your reviews and lately your heart doesn't seem into some of it. Your excitement seems a little insincere.

  18. Bob Dilan says:

    100k yeah!!!!!!!!!!! We love you Sean!

  19. Nathan Baxter says:


  20. Thai Do says:

    Your scarin me w that razor blade man

  21. clinton wood says:

    vin looks like he is fit to play one of the street sharks…

  22. BrotherNumber3 says:

    I used to work for a toy company as a demonstrator/salesman. Looks about right.

  23. A COD MOMENT says:

    what would happen if vin saw this again

  24. HulK TopF says:

    someone have to make a handshark remix xDDDDDDD

  25. K4lashnikov47 says:

    I think Vin Diesel is a Street Shark.