Selling TOYS on Amazon with Harvey Spectre & Jay Bayne

Harvey Spectre joins Jay Bayne to discuss strategies for selling toys on Amazon during Q4 and beyond! Plus, Jay gives a demo of the new ScanSeries program with entire series of toy lines catalogued and re-scanned them every day, so you know exactly which toys in a series to look for. [ScanSeries is free until Oct. 25, 2015]
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6 Responses to Selling TOYS on Amazon with Harvey Spectre & Jay Bayne

  1. Tyler Vonderstrassr says:

    thanks guys! good video

  2. The Profit Junkie says:

    Harvey is always full of good information

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    Never heard of him, how much history and someone have if they haven't spent even 3 decades on the Earth ? hehe

  4. nelson martinez says:

    Return on

  5. nelson martinez says:

    What does roi??? Mean???

  6. ObamaLoaf says:

    Harvey has great knowledge, but does he have to look so DAMNED uninterested??? LOL!