Stop Selling Start Closing

Grant Cardone speaks at a seminar at Cross Channel Mojo about the importance of dominating a market and the problems with obscurity. He continues to talk about the importance of creating time, not managing it. Use free tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you communicate with your market. Save your money and control the space.

How many people do you know that think that there’s a shortage of money? If a client complains about the price of your product and you consider lowering your prices then you mine as well close your doors. You can’t grow your business if you don’t sell and close. What happens when you lower your price and you still don’t sell your products?

The first thing you have to do is you have to be COMPLETELY sold on your product. If you’re asking a certain amount for your product or service then you have to believe that it’s worth more than that. When somebody offers you ,100 for a product that you’re asking ,500 for then what did they just tell you what your product is worth? Did they tell you it was worth ,000? No.

If a guy goes into a book store in Dallas, Texas and buys a book for then how much does he think that book is worth? More than !

Every offer that is made to you means that the person making the offer thinks the product is worth more than what he’s offering. Nobody offers what they think something is worth.

You paid x dollars for a watch. You wanted the watch more than you wanted the money! Right?

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20 Responses to Stop Selling Start Closing

  1. moon serpent says:

    dude, you say you never used banks to borrow money, but in a more recent video you talk about how you borrowed money from banks to make your first big deal (the 200 units deal I think it was)

  2. Adam Jago says:

    Nirvana covered a Bowie song called "The Man Who Sold The World"…Grant Cardone would fit that suit. The world needs Grant Cardone. Your business no matter what it is needs Grant Cardone. Your kids should be calling him Uncle G ;)

  3. Vivian Cartwright says:

    Completely a realist…We all need a Grant in our corner..I've been watching his videos for the past 3 days and he is phenomenal!!!

  4. Artisha Campbell says:

    Wow! So many gems in this video! Thanks so much Grant Cardone!

  5. Dj logie says:

    this guy is a snake oil sales man trying to sell his crap books

  6. LA L says:

    how old were you here grant, you look very young

  7. NEW HOME SALES says:

    Great content Grant! "When Value exceeds price, people give money." – Grant Cardone
    Quint Lears – New Home Sales

  8. NEW HOME SALES says:

    If you listen to the The 10x Rule I have a suggestion – Listen to it at 2x the speed. It's awesome! Quint Lears – New Home Sales

  9. macho3866 says:

    I want to be the best sales if I have a guy like this teaching me I know I could

  10. Melissa Zeigler says:


  11. Taeyang Kim says:

    Go to Tom Hopkins and you will get an education on how the art of the close really works. GC is nothing more then a telemarketer that uses high pressure tactics to close a deal. this guy is a poor man version of Tom Hopkins and Anthony Robbins

  12. farah says:

    She is so adorable. :-)

  13. Kenneth Lee says:

    Okay sign the dotted line please!

  14. Rosilawati Ahmad Basir says:

    I am in insurance. A bit successful in selling but still crawling in closing. Your advice is really inspiring!! thanks so much!! awesome man…

  15. Alex T says:

    There are two types of people in this world. Those that have that positive attitude to keep driving forward who keep finding good in everything and keep 10X their life and those that settle in being comfortable and never grow or progress. Grant Cardone is a beast. Much respect Grant Cardone. I invested in buying your book Sell or Be Sold.

  16. Cmmmm says:

    Anyone can be great when recounting made up stories of how they handle the fictional situation. He's a bullshit artist trying to get folks to buy his crap books. Don't be that stupid ass chump. You don't need to pay him to be great. Your money in his bullshit pocket thinking it's going to set you on the path to success has already doomed you to failure and 2nd place.

  17. anžej knez says:

    Very good guy , good advises what's bothering me is that he is repeating himself way too much . If you watch one conference no need to watch others.

  18. farah says:

    How you grow your business? Value exceed the price. Speaking the damn truth

  19. Mohsen Gholampur says:


  20. Taeyang Kim says:

    This guy is the King of overselling. The basic fundementals of closing the deal = Introduction, Qualify, Presentation, Offer, and then Close. This guy doesnt have a clue to overcoming an objection. First you have. Agree, Inquire, Rebuttal, Reoffer and then back to the close. 2 of the most important things are to listen to the client who will tell you how to close them and then go for the close by shutting up. This guy just likes to hear himself talk which leads to overselling. …Basic fundementals and he knows zero.