The Truth about Grant Cardone

THE TRUTH ABOUT Grant Cardone tells you why people don’t like Grant Cardone as he tells the story of his life and shows you around his company in Miami Beach.

If you can’t handle the truth this might be a video you don’t want to watch. If you ever meet grant cardone you will see that he tells it the way it is whether you like it or not.

Grant Cardone talks about his career, how he got started and why people don’t like him. He talks about confidence, how he wrote his books, why he created his own studio, his being labeled ADD, ADHD, OCD and drugs he was prescribed like prozac, lithium, ridalin.

He talks about why people hate on success, vacations, his private yet….and confidence… he wrote a book in two hours, and then goes on to list off things that are dumb to do like college, ira, keough, 401k, buying a home, girlfriends, paying the bills, and how much the truth hurts so many.

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20 Responses to The Truth about Grant Cardone

  1. Dan Fitts says:

    'Uncle G' only came on to my radar a week ago. Everytime I'm making a sale all I hear Is 'sell or be sold'.
    10x rule is on its way to my door. anyone else recommned some more Cardone University?

  2. Ghetto Gunfighter says:

    Awesome G , keep up the hard work .We need you

  3. FrameWORK Basketball says:

    Grant where can I get one of those zip up sweaters?

  4. osah712 says:

    Spot on the Vacation… Been there done that… worry, worry, worry.

  5. Wolf of Insurance says:

    "If I can get 50% of the population to hate me, then the other 50% will rain treasures down upon me" GC
    I have totally changed my life thanks to this beautiful knowledge that I already knew but had no way to unleash until now. $51,450 month last month Godfather…couldn't have done it without you and you will always be my mentor until I die…looking forward to Obsessed because I'm already obsessed with 10x!

  6. John Dickson says:

    That was a Grant rant on steroids! What, what, Awesome!

  7. Jo Clavet says:

    coool fucking video

  8. Suzuki GSXFA says:

    Haha Love it – i have bought the books and reading them over and over and am learning a lot from them and started putting them into practice. I definitely got me some new problems and things are moving for me.. But though I love GC's work, I'm sure glad my physician went to college….

  9. Vlastimir Sindjelic says:

    Love your "server cooling" with two fans in the back :)

  10. Jose C (Cuervo) says:

    Grant Cardone for president!!
    keep bringing the heat brotha.
    Digging these Videos 🎥💸💸💸💸

  11. John Marquez says:

    so awesome. You know how to keep people tuned ah!!

  12. Giuliano Gonzalez Herrera says:

    Grant, you have changed my life. Fuck this haters!

  13. Samuel Coronel says:

    WOOT!!! Go uncle G!!!! :-)

  14. Matiss Paradise says:

    now let's see what's inside your mind :)

  15. M1GuELz829 says:

    Who would dislike this

  16. Ceasar Clark says:

    Grant this was raw Lol I wish i was there.

  17. getbusy21 says:

    another homerun. Thanks for the boost

  18. Gabriel Flores says:

    Thanks a lot Grant. Doing Grant Cardonne University. Best investment ever. Only 15% through it and I already broke sales records in 3 cities. You can totally brag about your awesomeness. I never thought I could make so much green.

  19. WOLFEPACK says:

    Hell yes

  20. Ryan M Salisbury says:

    I've purchased several of your books and even the audio version of the same books, I am very grateful for your work Grant, I found them very helpful in my life. I was just promoted to presidents club level sales consultant at Carmax and have more than doubled my income. Thanks dude.