Tony Robbins Best Video Iv seen – Seminar Story Live (RARE)

Great message and story in this short video
Video Rating: / 5

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20 Responses to Tony Robbins Best Video Iv seen – Seminar Story Live (RARE)

  1. peedinkus says:

    What a load of horseshit.

  2. massab sayed says:

    you are best seriously you made me cry

  3. noyfb Cofros says:

    oh shit yeah … he's fucking amazing alright … *yawn* … whats so amazing? He tells you things you can easily look up. Easily do when you stop making excuses … what a fucking bunch of sheep/ dip-shits .. Tony is NOTHING but a thief … con artist …

  4. Doctor Thalamus says:

    Anybody know what this series or video is called? There are other videos that share the same intro slide (here it is: Anthony Robbins on the Basket Brigade"). Saw them during UPW if you guys have gone.

  5. Matt Thambirajah says:

    amazing! love this guy!

  6. Donna Beavers says:

    Love him – can listen to his messages over and over.

  7. Candy Earp says:

    touching story i pray for the families out there hurting today that god brings you love peace & encouragement and you accept with am open heart in christs name i pray amen. May I be a soldier for you.

  8. Smiley Elmore Jr says:


  9. Andrea N. Bayer says:

    He is amazing

  10. ewan thomas says:

    Bullshit tony you spit BS man….. Go suck on a cough sweet 🍬🍬🍬.…you where born with silver spoon in mouth.

  11. James Mcpatterson says:

    wow, was not ready for that. To close

  12. jac cuzzi says:

    WOW !!! eine GROßE Persönlichkeit und ein noch größeres VORBILD !!!

  13. Andy chatfun says:

    Awaken the giant within is his best book I think.

  14. Randall McCaleb says:

    sure its easy for me to deliver food here in wealthy Boulder ..Colorado there are nice homeless here.

  15. Randall McCaleb says:

    hey all i ever learned in life was to ask for help …i am very low income and live in Boulder Colorado ..i can play piano and i want a coach …but i have never had the money to afford one.

    i am 62 and need help.

    please. i have listened to tony and Abraham Hicks..
    i teach keyboards but need students and a place …i feel stuck

    310 579 7146

  16. ItsMyTime says:

    It's been now almost 1 yr (below is my last year posted comment)  when I was recruited by you and I'm blessed to be your student and have you my mentor for whole life.

  17. Swordfish says:

    11:40 – Thank God for unanswered prayers

    If you want to change your life figure out how your worst day was your best day. It'll change everything, because it is, if you look for it.

  18. Sarah C says:

    I really Love this Guy!!!!

  19. Rapha Otten says:

    Wow! 👍

  20. SangBum Kim says: