Tony Robbins Biography – (5 of 5)

Tony Robbins Interview
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20 Responses to Tony Robbins Biography – (5 of 5)

  1. 4JayeP says:

    I've been a Tony Robbins fan for quite sometime. Having said you have to put EFFORT into changing your own life. Tony gives you the tools but you have to take it from there. It's like having a car. If you learn to drive it can take you to places you;ve never been before. If you leave it in the garage, don't complain if you never leave the block. He can show you some great techniques, but ultimately the respnsibility is up to you.

  2. Bob Ralston says:

    and… even his biography is motivational… I love it! nuff said?

  3. Aaron Bell says:

    Look, I'm a Tony Robbins guy. So, I understand that I'm looking at this from one point of view. 

    I've been where Hillel was at one point. And being a Tony Robbins guy is just infinitely more fulfilling than feeling skeptical about shit. In reality, there's only one way to hate Tony Robbins: To not use and implement his shit. Once you actually USE HIS STUFF CONSISTENTLY, YOU'LL KNOW WHY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LOVE HIM.

  4. C Gayle says:

    Hillel Leitlin is a flipping hater. Who the hell thinks they can change their life & income in a weekend? These are the kinda people that stay poor because theyre counting on one weekend and some speaker to change their life?! Idiots. You go to these things for motivation. Motivation is temporary. You need to have the will, the drive and if someone like Tony can give you the initial push, great but you have to take yourself the rest of the way, you cannot rely on anyone else to do that for you. You have to be patient and you have to also know exactly what it is you want and divise a plan on how to get it. Dont just think you can go to a seminar, try once and have it all. How many times did he fail? How many critics? How many deaths? How many set backs? In the words of Les Brown, you will fail your way to success. You have to be resilient, hungry and patient. One weekend and a month later wont buy you an island of the time you want. 

    BTW, that guy is totally jealous of his island. Delete the haters, ignore the naysayers and get off your ass and go get it.

  5. shelly martes says:

    Putting all aside he has a unique energy….l

  6. Ardin Catish says:

    I can understand the skeptics' views. I hate infomercials and hype men. I don't know what his message was like back then but now it's excellent. In fact, he has said: Real change comes from changing the little daily rituals in life, not a big change all at once.

  7. Screenplaywriter says:

    I love Tony Robbins for his honesty, kind heart, and ability to communicate a system of getting others to create a Life Plan like corporations make a business plan and guiding you in the most effective way to make the invisible you truly want visible.

  8. Sterling Lowery says:

    "When we talk about it, it's a dream. When we start to envision it, it gets exciting. When we get a plan, it's possible. But when we schedule it, it's real." – Tony Robbins -

  9. Pheene Z says:

    DREAM IT LIVE IT LOVE IT!!!! mind is blown

  10. Anthony BREVET says:


  11. Lionel DONNELEY says:
  12. LLaqui Barboza says:

    LoL who else do you hate? oh wait that's probably all you know, there for all you do is hate.. bye Hater!

  13. Sara Crawford says:

    Hey guys, if you know how to type and have an internet, you already have the tools. Be careful with these get rich quick schemes. If you need a mentor check out John David and watch the vid at Proper Income dot com. He taught me to make money my first day, and I am a beginner.

  14. Peter Nzioki says:

    Tony robbins is a great human being sure he is not perfect but he has proved with his own life that working towards your dream will always get you there, I honestly feel his critics are merely threatened by his success

  15. Anton S says:

    any person that thinks he can pay someone, sit in a room 3 days, and expect a total change didnt hear anything tony said.
    tony makes alot of cash, yes, of nothing, yes, just like 99% of rich guys.
    what he tries to make you understand is that ONLY YOU are responsible for your life and can bring a change. people are too mind-numbed and forgot that there are no rules, no big truths, its an open "free" world and we can do whatever, unlimited power INDEED

  16. Patriot2572 says:

    Robbins would be a better president than Clinton. He would DESTROY Agassi in a match of tennis. He would be a MUCH better actor than Salone.

    He is my hero!!!!

    "Who we will become tomorrow is being shaped by who we will become today"
    -Anthony Robbins

  17. tony855252 says:

    i think that tony robbins is genuine i dont like his salesman side though lol. im attracted to tony robbins not because of his wealth but because of his knowledge of psychology i think that it is very important that we help others without the prospect of charging them for it

  18. steff338 says:

    Con artist

  19. Dorin Patic says:

    He is the most powerful person I have seen in my entire life.
    Tony I am one of your biggest fan, cuz you completly change my life, especially learning english.

  20. wealthyman wisdom says: