Tony Robbins Psychology: Why do you Love?

Tony Robbins Psychology: Why do you Love?
Life is happening for us, not to us.
This point follows on from the above insight. Life is happening for us, for our growth and evolution not to us. I used to play the victim and pull the ‘poor me’ card all the time, until I realised that that was causing a whole lot of unnecessary suffering that I no longer wanted to experience. So I decided to drop it and guess what? The suffering disappeared. Try it!

Progress = happiness.

It’s in our human nature to want to grow, learn and evolve. You don’t just finish high school, stop learning, and never pick up another book again. Your truth wants to continue to grow and evolve its consciousness, and you do that by working on yourself. But not working on yourself out of fear, of course. It’s about working on yourself because you freaking love yourself so bloody much that you want to be the best damn version of you possible. There’s a difference.
So how do you ‘work’ on yourself? You become a student for life. You read inspiring books, you listen to educational talks, you meditate, you do yoga, you listen to podcasts, you go inward and connect with yourself, you do online programs, you go to workshops and live events, you hire a coach, you stop running from yourself and start listening to your intuition and you ask for support. You do whatever makes you feel like you are growing, learning and evolving and being the best version of you… but most importantly, you have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously.

Feel grateful for the gift of your heart. Because as long as it beats, you love.

Love is the truth of who you are and LOVE is all there is. If you follow me on snapchat (@melambrosini) you will know I bang on and on about gratitude. That’s because when you express your gratitude, you become a magnet for more things to be grateful for. It’s ain’t rocket science, sista! But it is magical…
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7 Responses to Tony Robbins Psychology: Why do you Love?

  1. Phil Shields 101 says:

    To be totally honest I used to think TR was a complete D*ck because of all the stuff he did with "Making More Money". I was wrong about TR!. His true self is about helping people being their true selves, and no where is this more evident with his work on healing and relationships. This is another great example of the kindness and generosity that TR has by sharing these videos and life lessons so that everyone can learn and grow. TY TY TY. :)

  2. Ash Craft says:

    great uploads. thank you so much

  3. adin rodriguez says:

    I never get tried of listening to Tony, love that so much is available on You Tube. Purchased Get the edge and personal power years ago and still listen to them occasionally.  So much to learn.

  4. Perla Violeta says:

    Thank you could u put subtitle please

  5. Vanlal Ngilneiha says:

    my left ear loved it

  6. BADDESTXO TV says:

    Because we want love?

  7. victor oluwadamilare says: