Tony Robbins- Raise Your Standards and Change Your Rituals Motivation

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins gives us advice on how to change our rituals and raise our standards for a better quality of life and ultimate success!
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16 Responses to Tony Robbins- Raise Your Standards and Change Your Rituals Motivation

  1. Agyeya Simon says:

    Fantastic, as always..!!!
    Cheers :)

  2. Gavin Mueller says:

    Makes perfect sense as always, some people are in a bad way not seeing it.

  3. fandi alamak says:

    I have already read the "The Captivity of Negativity" by Theodore Bagwell.He wrote "We are captives of our own negativity,living in prisons of our own creation" He also writes about his incarceration and redneck discrimination in the South and how he overcame all of that by liberating himself from his mental prison.Robbins is preaching what is already known from reading that book.

  4. Richard Misel jr says:

    Try it when your poor and are blacklisted and discriminated against.  What a bunch of bullshit.

  5. Deli Kheswa says:

    Change your mind, change your life – Tony Robbins you are God sent. You are amazing !!! Thank you

  6. Bryan Bloom says:

    Love Tony. He is timeless. Never gets old.

  7. iiwana wara says:

    how could 4 people NOT like this?!

  8. JayWongTV says:

    Badass video! Check up on my playlists on the topic!!

  9. Neil Robinson says:


  10. diana solis says:

    I love tony

  11. frankenbat says:

    rituals–like sacrificing goats and such? magic, yay!

  12. Scott Sloan says:

    What program is this from? 

  13. Jesse Castaneda Jr says:



  14. Jonathan Green says:

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  15. Rio Adi Surya says:

    Great !

  16. The Best Motivation says: