Tony Robbins Seminar #1

“Twenty-one people were treated for burns after walking across a bed of hot coals at an inspirational event hosted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins in San Jose, Calif., last week. About 6,000 people reportedly participated in the firewalk. Why were most of them not injured?..”.* Cenk Uygur and Cara Santa Maria discuss on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from L.V. Anderson in Slate:

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39 Responses to Tony Robbins Seminar #1

  1. Kpowers says:

    great video- wish he knew the order of an ironman

  2. irumi zoldik says:

    What is the name of this seminar ?

  3. Ba Ha says:

    Julia, why is your photo stuck on the lower right hand side of the video? Any way to remove this?

  4. MyTvSpots says:

    Do you have the rest of this seminar?

  5. Lance Lamar says:


  6. Robert Pendleton says:

    thanks for sharing Julia.. bless u

  7. Sassy CountryGirl says:


  8. Shalae Bonnell (KeepOnn) says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Esoteric Science says:

    Well, that was explosive. 

  10. wadiquelt says:

    Again, Awesome. This is so affirming and empowering. A constant underlying rhythm/mantra – "It's possible. It's all possible".

  11. Rex Spencer says:

    Damn!!..this is about marriage.

  12. Elisa Fazio says:

    Amazing! Powerfull and inspiring!

  13. OrahSUNSHINE says:

    Thank you for sharing. His point of continuing to give our best (continuing to grow) is so important.

  14. Nautilus Nexus says:


  15. ‫یار مهدی‬‎ says:

    Thank you for posting this Julia

  16. Patricia Ander says:

    Julia how can I find the continuation of that video Seminar #1

  17. bluestyled says:

    Thanks for this.

  18. emad salha says:

    Anyone knows where i can find part 2 of this seminar? 

  19. Ramon Torres Sanchez says:

    Thanks for sharing Julia!!!
    Gracias por compartir!!!

  20. Noah Werling says:

    Stop making videos. You have no career. You're both idiots.

  21. santos syano says:

    two fools are wasting their time…………. are you gonna be the third fool ?

  22. Gabe J says:

    bunch of idiots. Walking on hot coals represents being able to do whatever you want without being afraid. People who get burned are because A. they lost concentration B. they weren't mentally ready or C. they did not pay attention to when Tony was explaining on the importance of being in state.

  23. MahDeerHunter says:

    Myth busters explain exactly why this is possible. Tony Robbins is a fraud.

  24. mojoworking8899 says:

    I've walked the hot coals 6 times and have never had a problem. I have had the amazing experience of building the fire and bed of hot coals people walk over. Amazing experience that changes peoples lives. The ignorance of these two is staggering. As a side note the girl is hot…..sadly ignorant but hot.

  25. Freddy Poveda says:

    these guys are very narrow minded people. ignorant of what they are talking about. plus that report they mentioned was not even a real story. It was retracted by the small news paper who first wrote it. get the facts straight.

  26. James McDonough says:

    I just did this on the weekend it's the real deal. Tony and the UPW experience was amazing. Those coals are real, the heat is real, some people got minor burns but most were in state and walked across no problem. Watch how they shovel the coals onto the ground and people immediately walk over them. If you weren't in being primed to be in state for hours you would go to the hospital. Go to an event see for yourself, then comment.

  27. Geo T says:

    Pull that hair back from those melons.

  28. 789station says:

    u suck

  29. MrPouHan says:

    Fools – that's the risk you take in Life. If it was easy/risk free everyone would do it (that's the point). Been there did it. No blisters or burns. Put up or shut up, before offering an uniformed opinion – oh wait that's what your program is all based upon.

  30. alfondor says:

    like myy picture

  31. Jai Rajasekaran says:

    These young Turks guys are bad, negative 

  32. Sean Williams says:

    People like you 2 tird's that Tony talk's about! Get the negatively out of your life! What he does is to motivated people in a spiritual way! So talk about were your going to be in Life?

  33. Angel Paulsen says:

    The point, when I did it, wasn't power of positive thinking makes magic, it's that you are willing to overcome your fears. It anchors in the commitment made to increase your determination to follow through. It is hot and can be scary if you focus on that, but it can also be unnoticeable if you're focused on your goal/commitment. The moment you lose that focus is the moment you feel (are aware of) the heat. When you feel the heat, you intentionally go right back into your focus and that feeling goes away. Then when you're out of that physically instant pain environment the moment you slack off, like pavlov's dog, when you lose focus of your goal, the memory of the pain comes back and you push on towards your goal to avoid the pain. It's quite brilliant.

  34. Fadi S says:

    you guys represent the dumb people in our society- u just talk about what didnt happen and explained it rather than showing the people that managed to do it and explain it… why then did millions do it and suffered nothing. noobs

  35. Armin Basic says:

    Dang that guy in this episode the guy said the feet were the problem is extremely close minded.

  36. Gia Karimi says:

    Tony robbins is a genius.. Mind can overcome physiology. Ps. That lip ring looks unprofessional. Just saying.

  37. Serena Luu says:

    he's a pessimist.

  38. Brian Simon says:

    Look at the rack on that chick!!!

  39. Tex Sherman says:

    Oh no you can overcome physics, there have been cases of soldiers still running after there brain was blown out of there skull. And there are actual reports of this. Please tell me which law of physics apply