Top 10 Products That Will Make You HUGE MONEY on AMAZON FBA in 2015!

Top 10 Products That Will Make You HUGE MONEY on AMAZON FBA in 2015, Updated list! Make Money and Profits today on Amazon FBA!

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Video Rating: / 5 – In this Brian Burt original film, Brian vistis with ,000,000 a Year Amazon Seller, Will Tjernlund in a frigind Minneapolis winter.

Together the two discuss how to start making money with Amazon FBA whether you’ve got zero, ,000 – ,000, or even ,000 dollars to invest.

This is a great video and a definite “must watch” if you’re interested in selling on Amazon.

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29 Responses to Top 10 Products That Will Make You HUGE MONEY on AMAZON FBA in 2015!

  1. jimthewebguy2000 says:

    Dude, I got that Microsoft webcam at our local thrift store a month ago for $5 dollars, I sold it the same day it checked into inventory on Amazon for $49. Unreal, I almost put it back because it said Restricted but when I went to list it, it said I could sell it NEW. TY for the information.

  2. dubi186 says:

    Most of the stuff you show here is restricted by Amazon!

  3. PeteyKicks Pi3aces says:

    Whats up man! nice content just subbed, if you can check me out and lml what you think!

  4. Dinazavr Dino says:

    I liked your earrings man :)

  5. Bjarki Elisabetarson says:

    is it possible to live in china and ship to amazon wharehouse and sell with fba program?

  6. Tamu Brook says:

    all lies

  7. victor deavers says:

    Hello there ,how are you doing? I was wondering what all do you need to sell stuff ? I am looking to get into airsoft and paintballing equipment . Can you sell from home until you get a store etc ?

  8. Der Dudelino says:

    Can you actually just put all this stuff in a big box, ship it to amazon and they keep it till they sell it? That would be awesome, because I live in the city, so I don't really have space to store all of this.

  9. Corey Engel says:

    Dude just curious, what is your ballpark average monthly run rate?

  10. Kevin S says:

    I'll be quitting FBA soon, it's too time consuming to be sourcing items then people don't leave any feedback (unless they are pissed) People using brand new items then sending them back like it's a rental service. Looking for returns months after they bought said item, the fees are worse than ebay. It's not worth it unless you private label. I make more money on ebay selling comics than I do on Amazon.

  11. ptuller99 says:

    Hello my name is Peyton I am really hoping you can help me answer some questions. I am currently working for my grandparents food and bakery company that they started around twenty years ago primarily selling cookies. Just as you described in this video we do all the work from home working incredibly hard with a team of about 5 to 6 people making the cookies and packaging them and preparing them to send out of the house mostly to business's and car dealerships etc. The workload is simply becoming too much for my grandparents and they want to stop the business however its extremely successful and profitable and I want to help grow it. Do you think this Amazon FBA service could be of value to our business? Can you even send and have amazon package food products? I would love to get some help on this! Thanks

  12. Zayn Robert says:

    It is really worth virtually every nickle by means of having Ammazon Gift Card through this specific web-site. Probably!

  13. TheGamingGeek2001 says:

    Fun fact: The Sony Disc-man model D-555 sells for anywhere from $380-900+

  14. Kevin S says:

    Can anyone tell me if you have to pay a monthly fee to sell on Amazon FBA?

  15. Jesus Reyes says:

    How do you get the range on the games? I'm trying to sell my games but I don't know how too

  16. Thrifty Treasures says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. BioHazard Picker says:

    Really liked this video. The only thing I didn't like about it was that there was no mention with the Polaroid film about the exp dates or if it's too old there could potentially be issues selling it especially fba

  18. MrJack2278 says:

    Great video I have so many items that are sealed just don't know how to use FBA. Must learn quick.

  19. Texas Gal Treasures says:

    Great list!

  20. Deutschland Strom says:

    I use an amazing, automated program in order to promote Amazon products. I currently (2016) got 213 sites up and running and the generate combined, approx. $6.500 per month in income for me. See how it works here:

  21. Brian Burt says:

    Man – that Brian Burt guy sure is good looking :P

  22. theseogeek says:

    Hey +Brian Burt – what was the book called?

  23. David Doten says:

    awesome. thanks for sharing this interview.

  24. Charles Andrews says:

    Great video Brian, Thank you Will for this information ! .

  25. Evan Niccum says:

    Hey guys! Awesome vid, thank you for the info. Will T, in the webinar you talked about your brother selling directly to AMZ & making 100k in a few days. How do you do that? Cheers! -EDN

  26. ckhang says:

    HEY! My hometown baby!

  27. Brian Burt says:

    Hey Kelvin – it's actually my cousins band (the guy in the beginning of the vid), Jakes Gorilla. They're amazing – check em:

  28. Kelvin Lou says:

    Hi Brian. What's the background music? Would you like to tell me that? Many thx a lot.