Top 5 Ways To Make Money on Amazon

1. Drop ship from websites like Ebay, Walmart or even Amazon to your customer.
2. Buy in lots on Ebay, sell in individual sets on Amazon. (Game systems, cell phones, etc).
3. Import electronics accessories in bulk from China and sell on Amazon at good profit ranges.
4. Buying Salvage/Overstock/Closeout from Chain stores and selling on ebay.
5. Find popular items that sell over and over quickly and focus only on them.
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24 Responses to Top 5 Ways To Make Money on Amazon

  1. Dean Pedley says:

    Does your coaching,work for someone living and selling in the UK 

  2. VlogsBy Cali says:

    If you drop ship from walmart are you worried that the customer will get an invoice with the price you payed

  3. Bearkat4160 says:

    You never mention that Amazon will not give you your money for the item until after you have shipped it. Unlike eBay, you get your money to pay the drop shipper. I have lost my ass with Amazon because I had to pay the drop shipper with a credt card and go into debt. Maybe you should do a video about this please. eBay + PayPal is much better as you get the money up front!

  4. RubberWilbur says:

    I have a question.  How can you dropship from Ebay to Ebay.  I know people do it but you have to add a tracking number and Ebay won't allow the same tracking number to be used twice on their system.  If you are a Power Seller you don't want to lose that due to not having a legible tracking number posted. You can't put a fake one because Ebay verifies it was picked up that day.

  5. patrick griffin says:

    Lisa how do i get the course for $10 I go to checkout it shows $40 ??

  6. Tatiana Mullin says:

    Thanks for sharing Lisa. I became Affiliate couples days ago and it was really good to see your progress and now I know I`m on the right path. Thanks.

  7. khabchitv abdelilah says:

    hello world

  8. jie yang says:

    WOW, you must started at very young!!!!

  9. Davinci A. says:

    Hey Lisa, Do you use a WordPress site to promote Amazon or a different type of site?  Thanks.

  10. v.a. Vidyasagar says:

    pllease send me mail about the mehtod of creating your affiliate website

  11. Andre Whych says:

    after you copy the link what do you do nextwith it?

  12. Romeo Bermil says:

    Maybe this can change you life. Just Send this link and watch what happens…

  13. Spencer Hill says:

    Very helpful, thank you!

  14. Lunkyful says:

    What if say I sold pet products on Amazon & I was Also a affiliate and linked my products from my link to Amazon. I earn double bubble right? :)

  15. Abayomi Oloyede says:

    Hi all, please is it illegal if i post an amozon associate link in a youtube video comment.

  16. mohammed jafar says:

    thnk u LIsa, God bless u :)

  17. Queenn Callier says:

    how much do they want you to pay in order to participate?

  18. mamber says:

    amazon can give you most of all affiliate commission

  19. Jascha E. says:

    Hey… with this site you can make good advetising for your affilate links.

  20. C. Meagan Michael says:

    outstanding info!

  21. Nancy “NancyG” Gurish says:

    Thank you Lisa – you're a doll! ~~~Nancy

  22. Drizzt D'Urden says:

    Hi Lisa, great video and site!
    Question: Which EasyAzon are you using? I am installing the basic EasyAzon but it wants a Pro upgrade to continue after you install the core. That's fine but at one EasyAzon page, they have the Pro for about $40 but at the one I get taken to (direct from the link after you install via WordPress) it asks you for a $27 monthly fee. Are you paying a flat rate or a monthly fee? It seems that I'm going to have to generate a lot of clickthroughs really fast to come out ahead of this monthly fee.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  23. Pradeep Gupta says:

    Excellent tutorial