US Girls – “Work From Home” (Official Music Video)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to US Girls – “Work From Home” (Official Music Video)

  1. James Hancock says:

    Make thousand dollars a day as a phone sex operator, google *Dialrect*

  2. Greg Schnell says:

    wow. so much hate for this. i’ve loved everything she’s put out. just goes
    to show opinions are like assholes.

  3. 555metaltapp666 says:

    The video is to hot for the music

  4. FromSeaToSky1 says:

    Just saw them live before the kills. Pretty bad band. Good thing the kills
    was there….

  5. Yannis Florakis says:


  6. fr3sh708 says:

    saw this girl open up for make believe back in 06. still as awful as i

  7. BernardHChrist says:

    Jesus, Pitchfork. Even by your standards this is absolute dreck.

  8. mdunn35 says:


  9. blondieb4bc says:

    There are a lot of you so-called critics out there, lets see you express
    yourself! !!!

  10. Marso Marso says:

    weird but sexy!

  11. debra miller says:

    flamca com

  12. Richard Price Elliott says:

    Imaginative and Engaging. Thazz better then 99% of the content on BoobTube.

  13. Angela Tosca says:

    where can i find other stuff directed by chrissy jones?

  14. Tiago Marques says:


  15. Curtis Hoffman says:

    Tedious, boring, and awful, it’s like doing construction next to a night
    club in the 80’s.

  16. wordsword says:

    First impressions are really good. Nudity borders on gimmicky but is too
    apt. An intriguing sound and artist.

  17. freakazoidrobot says:

    don’t give up on this song early, it takes off at 1:36

  18. Michael Manjarrez says:

    This is absolutely horrible… Seriously!

  19. djgo superdisco says:

    This should be turned into a feature film called John Maus Goes To The

  20. Ben Costa says:

    My ears are crying. This is not a very good song.

  21. Wutwut1n1 says:

    if this bitch smoked weed, this would be trap

  22. fatherfingerify says:

    fuck all u haters!!!!

  23. stiflingluxury says:

    art school is expensive you guys.

  24. AutasticReviews says:

    Retro synth heavy, check Female lead vocalist, check Automated beats, check
    Confirmed for Blue Stage at Pitchfork 2013

  25. M-KAY KAY-M says:

    I think Marina from Marina and the Diamonds would love this.

  26. Rob Nelson says:

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  27. Tikisha Stephenson says: