Video Marketing Tip #1 – How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos (Stay With Me Technique)

Video Marketing Tip #1 - How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos (Stay With Me Technique)

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There is a lot that goes into video marketing and this video helps teach you some of the tips and techniques you can use to keep your viewers on your video. You always want to avoid any of your video viewers leaving your page and visiting your competitions videos. With The Stay With Me technique you can use some YouTube video marketing tricks to your advantage.

When you begin video marketing you need to understand and determine what they point of your video is going to be. Are you trying to get visitors to your websites? Are you trying to promote your services? Are you trying to capture leads? Once you determine this you can lay out your video but it doesn’t end there. You need to come up with some sort of video marketing plan to fulfill the plan you have laid out.

That is why we like The Stay With Me Technique. This video marketing tip shows you can you can put a video on YouTube and keep your visitors on only your video. There are two parts to this and the first step is adding in your own end frame or thumbnails. You are almost beating YouTube the punch by putting up your own thumbnails. You can also tag your videos with your channel name. This will help all your other video appear next to the current ones that you have. This is a technique that we use in our video marketing and it is a pretty effective strategy we recommend using.

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    Awesome Training ! Thanks

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    Very help- and useful. Excellent.

  3. Firman Wan says:

    I'm am using a video tool marketing that records, edits, tracks, publishes, optionally add events & gateways and can even create beautiful presentations with pre-made templates.

  4. Shanmugam Ganesh A says:

    Great Video. Thanks for Sharing Brandon!

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    Brandon great video … I am interest in your new course Local  Video Academy but have problem purchasing … help … were do I go to purchase it ???

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    I love the entertaining perks of the Video. Bravo to this video! It also has strategy on how creative you deliver the idea. Good job! Must subscribed channel :-)

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    Thumbs up again!

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    Oh man, all this time I have been your student and never watched these. Sad but true. 

  9. Flat River Electric LLC says:

    Great video. I really like you to on tagging the same for each video. I have just started the outro page that you talked about. I have seen a few others using that lately. I am going to start running it longer like you had suggested.

    I think this is a great video. 

  10. greed I meet   says:

    i'm japanese .this video is very good,i'm respect!  In Japan,trend buziness is youtube now. I'll do my best too.

  11. SEO-Firm.Net says:

    Amazing advise Brandon. I've been a contract SEO provider for many years and I'm just getting out of a contract to start my own SEO Firm (Still building it) but I think I'll steal this idea of yours because it's genius 🙂 Thx and keep up the great work!

  12. Beau Ellison says:

    Very clever technique. thanks for the tip!

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    Great Stuff!

  14. Home Marketing Superstar says:

    Nice video as always. Cheers

  15. Scott Asahina says:

    In nearly every video you make, why do you always say "You Guys"… I find it really annoying…. Maybe its just me? 🙂  Do you think I am sitting here along with every other viewer? No, of course not. I'm probably like 99.99% of viewers, sat here watching on my own. So, when you keep saying "you guys" I always ask myself, "Who are you talking too?". If you want to connect more with your viewer, try saying "you" instead of "you guys" i.e copywriting 101… Talk to me and not some fantasy mass group of people…. Write your copy/scripts and shoot your videos as if you are talking to just one person. Result will be much more connection with your viewer and a more professional production (a conversation and not a lecture). Hope that helps?

  16. Cendrine Marrouat says:

    Fantastic tips from +Sold With Video!

    #videomarketing   #youtube   

  17. Wendall Bagwell says:

    Great tips, thanks for sharing

  18. Minute Videos says:

    I don't use part 1 of stay with me but at the end I use a special tags so it only shows my videos in the actual suggestions thing

  19. VideoRubix says:

    Awesome tips there! I'll apply them to my next videos…

  20. Drago Grguric says:

    U r  genius dude! Thanks for the great tips!