Volvo V60 vs human crash test dummies in Morphsuits

Volvo says its pedestrian detection system can stop the car automatically if anyone or anything runs out in front of it. We put this theory to the test, not with plastic crash test dummies, but with real life, fleshy human beings in Morphsuits. Will the Volvo stop in time to prevent a catastrophe?

Music: Kevin MacLeod, FreeMusicArchive
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19 Responses to Volvo V60 vs human crash test dummies in Morphsuits

  1. Nikita Kapitonov says:

    A black guy making tests on humans in morph suits wtf

  2. Samuel Brooks says:

    Whoa those Morph Suits leave nothing to the imagination! The male dummy on the end was clearly circumcised and I could read one of the female dummy's 'lips'!

  3. Radly Badly says:

    tell me what happens when the car behind you plows into you and pushes you into the pedestrian because you slam your brakes on so suddenly

  4. Jason1 kr says:

    Auto brake can work to 40 or 50mph

  5. TheCRHKing says:

    For some reason a trash can was not suitable.

  6. Blaise Perkins says:

    I got a question, how often are you driving 22mph or lower? Just a question.

  7. anas boulkhalil says:

    At 20mph you have a chance of 0.1% To die

  8. Brett Evans says:

    Oh. My. Mooseknuckle.

  9. Angry Whale says:

    The cameltoe is real.

  10. Fakhrul Radzi says:

    Those 5 look's like power rangers wannabe to me……

  11. IAN 4000 says:

    There sure are a lot of videos of the pedestrian detection system failing miserably. I think the whole "5-20 mph" think is really dumb, what if you're going faster?

  12. LeacH Torrent says:

    And ofcourse the women chickens out. Fucking females. They really want equality but they cant handle it, fucking tards.

  13. spiffcats says:

    Ugh, volvo.

  14. ItimdatahtIsawtsujderobenoyaddnadetaercsihttnuoccaotllortelpoepenilnoekilehttserfoehtdlrowstnawotod says:


  15. FreeDooMusic says:

    If they would get hit at even those low speeds it could very likely result in broken legs, ribs and possibly even skull fractures. People have too much faith in technology.

  16. Adam Gil says:

    ftw that's a S60 not a V60. the v is for the station wagons, and the s for sedans.

  17. Evan Fish says:

    Bulge lol

  18. özcan şenüstün says:

    2.51 de çok güldüm

  19. Forename Surname says:

    Very unfair test; the radar, laser and LIDAR systems look out for someone walking out into the road not a stationary person in the road.