What CLOTHING Items SELL on Ebay and How I Make Money Online


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20 Responses to What CLOTHING Items SELL on Ebay and How I Make Money Online

  1. Haim Elghanayan says:

    Hi Mr Raiken!! you have fantastic videos and most than all you are so enthusiastic and
    fluent that you literally inject energy to us..to me at least. i have a question that your answer will help a lot. since you have such of big operation, i think you may have also some returns. although i post many pictures from many angles I try to be most accurate on description and measurements i still got returns. my question is how to minimize the returns? and do you give full refunds? since you are the guru of used clothing sell on Ebay, your answer is most respected and valuable.
    faithfully yours.


  2. Rachel K says:


  3. Mark Gonzales says:

    Awesome vid steve thx for helping out on what to look for…

  4. jdssurf says:

    LISTEN UP PPL,,,,,our goodwill stores are now marking across the manufacturer tag on the collar, if tag less, right through the logo on the collar itself. !!!!!!!!! How do we stop this?????????????

  5. jdssurf says:

    Yeah I actually have issues with ever saying Patagonia style. It's the same as north face, Columbia,merrell, and so on. Not just sometimes, but every time, that feels like a cheap trick. If I'm buying, and I see that, instant turn off. Just being honest.

  6. Strickland Studios says:

    Awesome vid man

  7. Frank LaMar Jr says:

    I appreciate you sharing. TY!

  8. Kevin S says:

    Problem for me about selling clothes is it's a time suck, I also don't have the room for a photo set up in my apt.

  9. Margarita Kastner says:

    I been following you for the last 2 weeks,thanks for all the good info.  I have started my hunting, my selection is men's clothing, I have been getting as much education as I can.
    My question to you is: do you always list your garments "as best offer" and why. I will appreciate your respond, this is my first time selling in eBay.
    Keep the good information coming, Thanks

  10. Ima Carnut says:

    Good video, quick and to the point! Thanks Steve!

  11. efath ara chowdhury says:

    Mind-blowing software.. It truly rocked my trading capability and I am proud to use it. This week, I made a handsome profit of $2000, which to me is really awesome. easyearningtips. com

  12. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    Thanks for sharing your videos with us. I'm a long time ebayer but just now starting to focus on it as a business. I've been dabbling in a little of this and that but I've found I love hunting for and selling clothing the most. Your info is very helpful. 

  13. Raul Daniel says:

    http://btc-flow.com/r/54de81eced make free BTC LX 100% legit

  14. Jean Audino says:

    I can't believe you are telling people you sold an EMS piece of clothing with Patagonia in the title.  You are lucky someone bought it before your listing was reported.  This is AGAINST Ebay rules.  Bad advice.

  15. MrMom Father independent entrepreneur eCommerce own online store says:

    TELL SOMETHING I DONT KNOW? ebay suck dick bitch!!

  16. susana zepeda says:

    but for example sometimes people sell stuff on ebay (clothing) theyve already used, what if i want to sell a NEW piece of clothing that ive obviously never worn and want to get paid for a i im just too confused

  17. D Harlo says:

    Why stay away from Tommy? Alot of his items are well made. People love that little logo ;-)

  18. e3sierra says:

    I'm also in CT.. Been in business for myself for number of years – about a decade ago, started toying with selling certain items from home on ebay and then never listed anything else for all those years in between. (I think eBay has since deleted/deactivated my original account)  So I'm now getting back into listing items again, as secondary revenue. Where'd you acquire that mannequin thing?

  19. Cameron Ratcliff says:

    Awesome vid man! I really enjoyed learning about some of the brands I'm trying to get into selling clothes on eBay, and also you get a trophy for most annoying spam comments lol

  20. kenny southwell says:

    where would be a good place to find inexpensive mannequins?