Yoga For Dummies #Pinchamayurasana

I break down the alignment of pinchamayurasana, forearm stand.

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I’m a yoga obsessed, fruit loving mom of two, sharing my passion for my practice and my whole foods plant based vegan lifestyle. I’m a certified yoga instructor and have been practicing for 14 years.



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20 Responses to Yoga For Dummies #Pinchamayurasana

  1. Kate D says:

    This was so helpful! Going to stop kicking & start transferring! Thank you!

  2. Feasting on Fruit says:

    Thanks to this video I kicked up into forearm stand without a wall for the first time today! Thank you so, so much <3

  3. TallythePlantEater says:

    So I just discovered periscope and need more people to follow. And cuz I love you and jay, you and jay need to get on that!!

  4. natashalikesyourface says:

    My arms/shoulders are super super weak…how can i strengthen them enough to do this? My forearms just want to collapse as soon as I put any weight on them lol

  5. Schullla says:

    I have been working on this for the last few weeks but I don‘t seem to make any progress..  Will try to work with your tips so THANK YOU! 
    Do you recommend any brand of yoga mats? My mat is slippery and I want to get a new one..

  6. TheVirgoanFool says:

    Thanks for the tips. Your amazing!

  7. FruitAndFamily Natalie says:

    I'd love to know more about how to improve my back bend.. currently, it does not bend :)

  8. FruitAndFamily Natalie says:

    this is so great I need this! it is a personal goal of mine to do a stand like that..

  9. Jordan Kennedy says:

    Drops backs and standing up from wheel. 

  10. Vegan Great Life | Macrobiotic Diet & Lifestyle says:

    You guys are going to do well w/ your new endeavor.  Jay won't need a job!  I like the tip to measure elbows distance that you gave last that you like, (hold the elbows w/ the hands) as I hadn't heard that one.  I'm in a yoga teacher training that focuses on Iyengar method.  I look forward to branching out and trying other styles at some point, but the meticulous attention to detail w/ alignment is very helpful for me right now.  I have had my nose to the grindstone so to speak, working on a lot of projects, including  our homework to develop lesson plans for 32 weeks, but I will have to join your family at some point soon.  Great work.  ~Tracy

  11. casa blanca says:

    i honestly love to see you doing some legs behind head  something really sexy from you and show these bitches that you gooot it

  12. Bern B says:

    Love the yoga for dummies poses, I find that when I attend local classes they do not break poses down and show proper alignment for some of the more complicated poses. Love that you do this, thank you for sharing Michelle :)

  13. a948212 says:

    Please do handstand next 

  14. sonjarrrr says:

    Thank you so much!! 🙂 ♡

  15. Melissa Miller says:

    Thank you! Been struggling with this one :)

  16. victoria arnstein says:

    Love this! Great instruction and tips. I have been working on this for the last few weeks and I use a wall now, bc when I land it's not as demure as's like a crash landing…lol…I can touch my feet together and have my legs in a diamond without the wall now, and hold it for like a minute or so it seems like a minute…actually feels like 10 minutes, but that's just bc I am not in the zone and my arms and head are in a small war to stop. But I love how I feel when I do this, provided my neck does not break and my head doesn't fall off my body. Thanks again for all that you do..loving your videos!

  17. Rawberryvegan says:

    This is sooo helpful! :)

  18. Angie Lyan says:

    I think 9.99 is too much I can get a subscription to Gaiam Tv for the same and Netflix for less… no offence (peace and love) but you don't have content on the many yoga styles from Rodney Yee to Gina Caputo and bonus you get Beyond Belief and David Wilcox too… I think a lesser price would be way more reasonable and might serve you better since ppl that support and love you may not mention this… which I do but I'm on a budget..

  19. Le Un says:

    Oh yes i forgot!

    I am asking cos i ´ve noticed you gained ´´some weight ´´ but i would rather say ´´Water retention''

    Have you changed anything with your diet?

  20. Le Un says:

    Are you and Jay expecting a baby?