$0.01 CPA USA Facebook Ads Tutorial May 2015 for Cheap Post Engagement, Video Views, and Conversions

See how my Facebook ads in 2015 get

See how to get cheap clicks and likes in this Facebook ads tutorial. Get more free at http://jerrybanfield.com/ and save 0 on my #1 Facebook ads Udemy course at https://www.udemy.com/advanced-facebook-advertising-get-likes/?couponCode=001CPMFBADS. You will be able to do it yourself by watching this video which shares exactly how I help pages get 10 to 100 times better results than most do it yourself campaigns. While these ad campaigns help us to show what you can do with a few pages, the strategies shown here work for nearly any business page, website, passion, or hobby. If you want to lower your costs on Facebook, you can count on me to help! Read more at http://jerrybanfield.com/category/facebook-ads.

Hi, I’m Jerry Banfield with BanWork. Why are we here? To learn! Facebook ads that get likes and fans and web traffic for the lowest cost. That’s what I do and I’m gonna give you all of my best information about everything I know that will help you get likes and fans for a much lower cost using Facebook ads. I hope you’re ready to get started.

These are the kind of results I’m talking about. 2,619 likes for a dollar 73. 20 thousand likes at 0.00 dollars per like. 1 cent cost per click campaigns driving 4 thousand Facebook likes with each ad campaign consistently getting low cost clicks. Massive campaigns for under 200 dollars pulling 60, 50, 15 thousand, all kinds of likes at an incredibly low price. Note, these are the only factors that are important. Dollars spent, page likes. 181 dollars spent, 60 thousand likes. That’s what kind of results I’m talking about. 1 cent cost per click on huge ad campaigns. 250 thousand page likes you can see was done for only 25 hundred dollars… no. Even less. 840 dollars. The 1 cent cost per click up here is the average among all these campaigns. 250 thousand likes, 840 dollars. This is what you are going to learn. Now, 29 hundred Facebook likes, 12 dollars. Are you interested yet?

Let’s move forward and answer the key question I’m so sure you’re wondering after seeing things like 4 dollars for 17 hundred clicks, 0 cents per like. You’re wondering how. When I started out it was incredibly difficult to get my page off the ground. Now this system will help you get any page off the ground. As with anything in life, great advice applies across the board. Sun Tzu says, “Subdue the enemy without fighting.” This is the principle that I’ve used to get these kind of results. The enemy in this case are other advertisers on Facebook. I don’t want to fight with other advertisers on Facebook. I want to get all kinds of people to see my ads for damn near free. Subdue the enemy without fighting. I don’t have to fight with other advertisers. I don’t have the budget to sit there and knock it out with Coca Cola or the biggest companies in the world.

I find people that no one else thinks to target: India, Albania, Nepal, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Venezuela. I love you guys. I’ve shown millions of ads in your countries and you engage with the page. You participate and while most of the advertisers ignore you, I’m out there trying to give you ads that are more interesting. This is how I get these kind of results. These countries have massive populations, 18 million people in this case for what I targeted, and look at the kind of results you get out of it. 60 thousand page likes. This was for the campaign I showed you above.

Continue on, this works any way you do it. This is from another campaign I showed you above. These target only English speaking people who like Christianity, which for a faith based initiative for the page is exactly what I was looking for. 4 dollars and 71 cents spent, 3,824 Facebook page likes. Where else do you know you can get those kind of results for that kind of money? http://jerrybanfield.com. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://jerry.tips/ytsubcription

.01 cost per post engagement in the USA! This Facebook advertising tutorial 2015 shows you the entire ad, targeting, and results. Continue learning at https://jerrybanfield.com/ and get direct access to Udemy’s #1 Facebook course at https://www.udemy.com/advanced-facebook-advertising-get-likes/?couponCode=YT001USA

Do you want to get low cost post engagement on Facebook, clicks to your website from Facebook ads, website conversions, ads for video views on Facebook, and all of this from the USA at a great cost?

Use social media marketing to get the most fans out of your ads as shown in this video! You can count on this video to give you tips and help for making a great ad campaign for likes with Facebook ads in 2015! No need to watch 2014 videos showing you how to get conversions from Facebook or how to get the most powerful strategies because 2015 on Facebook is full of new surprises for how to optimize to your target audience. What will work for web traffic and how cracked Facebook ads are for this internet millionaire is all included in the instructions in this video!

You can boost your ROI with Facebook advertising in 2015 and lower your cost per click and cost per post engagement plus get motivated to learn the power editor just by watching this video! Your success with Facebook ads is just around the corner for .01 CPC, 0.01 per page like and all in just a few minutes! Thank you for watching this!

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