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This might be a very very basic video for vets of the secondary knife market, but all too often, I land on an ad that just doesn’t do the knife being marketed justice. Hope this helps
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CSGO : How to trade with keys [1-5 key profit per trade]

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Note: this video is more about the TECHNIQUE so don’t use the exact same weapon I used, this doppler market is dead now… just use the technique on other items!

Hey guys I made a quick tutorial for those of you looking to make easy profit on the steam market through Cs:Go skin / knife trading. This is my first commentary on a video so please give feedback, do I talk too much or not enough:? Am I giving detailed information? Let me know!
If you are unsure of something feel free to add me on steam and ask I’ll be more than happy to help.
I don’t know if tutorials for this are already out there but yeah…

(keys you own + amount of key profit you want) * key cost in your currency = Amount of money you need on steam wallet
(100 + 5) * £1.65 = £173.25
So you need £173.25 on steam wallet meaning that before tax the item goes on market for £199.23 ^_^
so try get the £199.23 item for 100 keys!
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