Broadcasting Blab Live in your Mobile VIP App. and your Periscope videos Blogs, Messages.

Broadcasting Blab Live in your Mobile VIP App. and your Periscope videos Blogs, Messages.

brain based marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein shows you another first for the VIP App, adding your Periscope Videos to your VIP Apps.

If you have a smartphone the following short message is of critical importance for you to hear.

If you want more patients, clients and customers the following message is doubly important for you to hear.
Dr. Alan and has created mobile smartphone, tablet and desktop apps for almost 600 businesses just like yours.

Our Apps were the first to bring live streaming video to mobile Apps using Google Hangouts and now we have another first for you.

You have probably heard of Periscope and bringing Live Streaming video to your mobile device.

We have now broken the code on Periscope, and Blab and we can broadcast Live Blab all of your Periscope videos along with Messages Blogs right inside the mobile Apps we build.

What this means is now all the people that have the mobile Apps we build for you, will get a push message and be able to watch your Periscope video in your App, branded for you not for Periscope. Do you really want to build Periscopes business or yours?

In addition we are able to keep the videos archived so it will not disappear after a short period as with Periscope.

More than ever, it’s time to embrace technology. And look at how we can communicate with our audience from a completely different perspective. I have something brand new to introduce to you. And I’m confident it will absolutely blow you away.

Remember everyone expects you to have your own mobile Apps and the ones we build for you are the best you can get.
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