Tools for Entrepreneurs: Your First Email Marketing Campaign Google for Entrepreneurs and General Assembly have partnered up to create “Tools for Entrepreneurs,” video classes for entrepreneurs to grow their skills and grow their businesses.

Need to leverage email to reach your users, clients, or customers, but not sure where to start? This class is designed for email marketing beginners. We’ll cover selecting an email service provider, setting up and designing your first email templates, and the basics of analyzing email campaign performance. If your business isn’t using email as a marketing tool already, you should be, and we’ll help you get started.

General Assembly’s Entrepreneur Video Series provides the essential lessons you’ll need to start your business and launch products that users love.
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Email Marketing: come inviare e-mail che funzionano #9

Parto dicendo che se utilizzato bene questo strumento porta ancora moltissimi risultati. In questa Venice Lesson spiego cosa significa fare email marketing, quali sono le differenze fra DEM, newsletter ed email event-triggered e transazionali e come procedere per fare email marketing con successo. Dalla strategia, al database di indirizzi per l’invio, ai contenuti e al piano editoriale, agli strumenti professionali per l’invio come MailUp e Mailchimp.
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“How to Write a Proper Email”

Are you making the best possible impression with your emails? When you compose an email there are some simple rules that you can follow to ensure that your emails make a positive impression, and get you the response you want. In today’s session we’re going to learn how to write a proper email by following some simple steps. Let’s get started!
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Mobile Email Marketing for higher CTR. (Career Builder Case Study)

Mobile Email Marketing for higher CTR. (Career Builder Case Study)

In this installment of Email Marketing By The Book, Joel shares how responsive design can bring dramatic success to your email campaigns. – The customer revolution has begun—and it’s never been more important to develop real relationships with your customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the world’s most powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform, helping you make the most of every customer interaction.

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Making Money With Pinterest – eBay – Amazon

Blogs, websites, YouTube, ebay, etsy, Amazon, affiliate programs, etc… it just doesn’t matter… there’s money to be made utilizing Pinterest. Join me this week and next, as I dive into this social media platform and take my own Pinterest to the next level.