Email Marketing Lists
If you haven’t realized that the real money inside any internet marketing business is in the email marketing list, then you really need to pay attention. Your email marketing list will bring a lot of success to you if you build it the correct way.
Do not use email marketing lists that are sold, and do not use programs that build email marketing lists for you.

Email Marketing Lists

The proper way to build a list for email marketing is to build the email marketing list with value. Giving value in exchange for an email address, will greatly increase your open rates, clicks, and sells. Most people use a giveaway on their website to build an email marketing list, and they also email value out on a regular basis to their marketing email lists.
Be sure to register for the upcoming event, or to get a copy of this event called “How To Build A Responsive List Fast” by using the link at the bottom of this description. It will also serve as a perfect example of how to build an effective email marketing list.
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98% Email Open Rate?? (5 Email Marketing Tips) | 98% Email Open Rate?? 5 Email Marketing Tips

1: make it personal and care (1:22)
2: pretend to write to your best friend, use an avatar (3:20)
3: relevant headlines, don’t try to hard (5:48)
4: segmenting your list (10:00)
5: be consistent (11:45)

98% email open rate is not at all typical… On average I get more like 48 to 65% open rates… though I do have several emails with 70 to 80% open rates…

Those are impressive numbers, I don’t care who you are… and in this video, I’m going to openly share a few tips on how I was able to achieve this…

Email Tips

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80/20 of Email Marketing Secret

Email Marketing Cheatsheet:

Email marketing is the most important revenue stream for your business. Unfortunately many business owners and marketers make a big mistake with their e-mail marketing by treating everyone the same. Don’t let that be you! My million dollar email marketing secrets presentation to the Vancouver Business Network.
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What Email Marketing is & How to Use It?

Watch the updated video here:
6 minutes to learn everything you need to know about email marketing. Email can still be a powerful marketing channel if used wisely.

Email marketers are now able to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time, maximizing the success of their campaigns. With the right email marketing software, they are able to manage and segment email contacts and subscribers, automate email sending, responding and following up, run A/B tests, and analyze metrics such as bounce rate, open rate, click-through rate, etc., all on the level of the individual user or as aggregated data for whole segments or audiences.

With the Kentico EMS Email Marketing solution, you get a sales and marketing powerhouse with the following built-in modules: Marketing Automation, Segmentation & Personalization, A/B and MVT Testing, Analytics & Reporting, Contact Management and many more. Try Kentico EMS now for free or request a 1-on-1 product demo at

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Learn more about email marketing:…

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t even need a website to make money with email marketing. Of course if you have a website that is already getting traffic you will only increase your revenue by adding a good newsletter series to it.

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Email marketing can be one of the best things a business can invest in, because when it is done correctly the return on investment is very high.

Marketing through email is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. You can use it many different ways but the most effective campaigns do a combination of teaching, entertaining and selling.

You can use your email list to build relationship with your subscribers and in turn build trust. People are more likely to buy off of someone they trust then someone that is only trying to sell them something.

If you are looking to learn more about Email Marketing you should read about Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint here:…
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