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Troy Ave On How To Make Money Off Twitter Followers

Shot & Edited By Ahmed Sabir-Calloway (@Akthentik) & Valerie Sakmary (@TroyAve)
Interview By: Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)
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What sells on Ebay How to buy and sell for profit on EBay Celtic Traders #33

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This video is brought to you by The Celtic Traders. We buy from car boot sales, charity shops/thrift shops, auctions and jumble sales. In fact, anywhere they are selling something, we check it out. We resell on Ebay at the moment, but may venture into Amazon FBA.

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How To Become A YouTube Partner FAST

How To Become A YouTube Partner FAST

Many YouTuber’s try and reach the goal of becoming a partner but it can be quite difficult for some. There aren’t any set guidelines for the YouTube Partner Program but it’s safe to say that you need at least 1,000 subscribers and well over 100,000 video views. There is a much easier way out there though to become a partner and even earn more money than a standard partner does. That way is through a company called Fullscreen. They are a YouTube Partner Network. Meaning, they take talent/partners and contract them under their company all while giving them higher revenue options and potential sponsorships. The requirements for Fullscreen to accept you are 500 subscribers and frequent content. Of course they want you to have a good amount of views but the main focus is good content and that you upload on a constant basis. Something like once every two-weeks, minimum.

You can apply under the Channels tab at:


How to Make Money on Pinterest, Andreea Ayers Pinterest Program Review

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