Down Periscope – Official Movie Trailer

Lieutenant Commander Tom Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) is a Navy officer to which his peers raise their brow at. Having been passed over time and time again for command of his own submarine, a spiteful officer finally puts him over his own vessel, the USS Stingray, a severely damaged and barely seaworthy diesel recommissioned World War II submarine. The crew, being hand-picked as well, are equally damaged and equally unseaworthy. Rob Sneider plays Grammer’s ridiculously intense, second in command and the entirety of the crew consists negative stereotypes and quirky psychological traits. For reasons I will not explore here, the USS Stingray ordered to engage the US Navy nuclear submarine fleet in a war-game involving blowing up a dummy ship in which the nuclear fleet will attempt to protect. How will this unorthodox captain, crew, and submarine complete such an unorthodox assignment. The majority of the movie takes place from within the USS Stingray and there are several humorous moments that make the movie worth while. The laid-back personality and style of command that Kelsey Grammer exhibits keeps the movie light and airy regardless of being in a submarine and contrasts Rob Sneider’s character very well.

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