Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies That Will Get You A $0.01 CPC

Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies

Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies That Will Get You A

.01 CPC Facebook Advertising Tutorial 2015 for Cheap Clicks, Likes, and Conversions

See how to get cheap clicks and likes in this 2015 Facebook ads tutorial showing boosted posts for conversions, low cost website clicks, and paid offers. Enroll in the course at http://jerrybanfield.com/udemy/.

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Facebook ads post.

Here is a preview of what you get in the video!
Ultimately I want to create the Udemy conversion campaign that sends people to this page on my website. It’s a fairly simple page, what it does is then send people to my Udemy courses when they click on here using whatever coupon code I have available that day.

This is an evergreen post I set up that I can use indefinitely. It offers a free code on it for the next 25,000 students. However, when the free code runs out, the codes are all set up so I can then smoothly transition to sales. I’ve ran this in the third world giving out tons of free codes, getting bunches of students for a low cost, then I use the Power Editor to turn this into a sales magnet now.

The advantage is I’ve got all of this engagement on something for free that now turns into a sales campaign as soon as I’m ready for it and I can even start it out as a non-sales campaign just to get it done at maximum effectiveness.

To select that campaign, I go to this campaign. I selected not uploaded. I go into ad sets now I need to create ad set. I chose campaign, I used existing campaign. I call this US tech. That’s my first ad set and I do my ad sets by my targeting group.

I’m calling this USTech. I started at a day . The time is now synced to Eastern, which is nice. I edit my audience. I want to do about 28 – 51. That seems to be about my sweet spot for the most part and I will still put English in here. Then I can use a broad category to start because these are proving to be cheaper lately than those ultra niche targeting ones.

All I have to do is try this to start with and then I branch out from there. 60 million people might seem like a ridiculous amount to start with – that’s fine. I’m going to just create this and then create all the other as side by side and I will let Facebook tell me where I’m getting my lowest cost conversions instead of assuming. I keep all of these the same then I’m going to diagnose these after I’ve made these ads. I want to start with a more broad campaign and let the data tell me what actually works.

The more I do Facebook ads, the more I let the data tell me what works and not assume I know. The more you do anything it gets easier to assume you know. I have to keep a bit of humility to say I don’t know exactly how this will work best, but I will try a bunch of things and figure it out.

I’ve created the targeting now. I click ads and there’s an option to filter by ad set in here to make sure I’m in the right ad set, and you can see it’s in the campaign so now I click “Create Ad.” I use this campaign, I make a new Ad set and I Create Ad.

I just call it BanWork Post because it’s already up there. Let’s take a look at this. I go down here and I’m going to first find my page. Now I click use existing post. I do not like dark posts because It’s a waste. Why wouldn’t I just have that post on my page already?

Now I have to scroll down and find that post. It’s a little tough because I made a whole bunch of posts since then so in order to make it easier I scroll up, I grab the page post here and I just start scrolling. There we go!

I found that post, I just matched it up with my page. I used this actual page post, look how that looks now. Since I’m using the actual post, Facebook will let me keep all of my shares on there. If I create a dark post, the dark post has to fly solo. It has to roll without all of that social proof.

The consistent theme I’ve seen in all of my client ad accounts that are making hundreds of thousands of sales, the social proof is huge. How many ads do you see that have very low social proof? How many ads do you see that have this massive amount of social proof? It’s one of those sub-conscious things most people don’t even think about, but they will take very seriously and it will modify their actions.

Here’s how I put this pixel on. I have a pixel here called Udemy. I hit Select. I show you where this is at on my page. It’s right around here. If I go to inspect element I can even find it down here. There’s a Facebook conversion tracking code on so all I have to do then is trigger that code on the page. I’ve already put it on there and I’ve shown at other lectures how to put it on there.

Take this course now at http://jerrybanfield.com/udemy/.
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